Boyfriend Jeans, Statement Ankle Boots And A Layering Trick




I’ve talked before about how boyfriend jeans are slimming down – the new phrase is girlfriend jeans – and how much more flattering this new shape is.  You guys obviously agree – this pair of girlfriend jeans was one of the most-purchased items by TME readers in 2015.  (Those jeans are sold out, but the newer, lighter wash is currently 33% off at Nordstrom.)

We loooove our comfy jeans.

Anyway, I’ve been looking for a pair of light-wash girlfriend jeans and I think I’ve found a good one – Seven for All Mankind’s Relaxed Skinny Girlfriend Jean.  They’re slimmer, but unlike the Rag and Bones ones featured before, they’re extra slouchy around the hips, making them look more like guys’ jeans (yet still sexy and feminine).  Also, most sizes are on sale at Amazon.  So there’s that.

I’ve been wearing these Sevens constantly (you can see them with paired with converse on my Insta, @shanachristine), but one of my favorite ways to style is with statement ankle boots and lots of layers.

(I’m practicing the rule of 3.  Gosh, that’s from 2011.  Anyone remember that old post?)











Notes on the layering trick:  throw a button-down under a cowl neckline, and button to the top.  Also, don’t be afraid of the half tuck – even with two layers.  The key is to unbutton the bottom few buttons so you can tuck in one half of the shirt, leaving the other tail out.  Then half-tuck your sweater.  Truthfully, my half-tuck is a touch too centered in the pic above.  I prefer it off to one side.






*sale prices not reflected in shopping widget

Outfit Details

sweater: Design History Cashmere Cowl (size xs) c/o Amazon Fashion

shirt: old Eliz & James, but I really like the look of Banana’s Riley shirt, although I don’t know if it’s nice and long.  If you really need length, I’d recommend Equipment’s Margaux shirt (also here – both are on crazy sale, btw).

jeans: Seven for All Mankind Relaxed Skinny Girlfriend Jean in Light Blue Hue c/o Amazon Fashion (size down – they run big and are stretchy)

jacket: old LOFT moto jacket but I was freezing, even in all of my layers.  Banana’s short moto jacket would’ve been better, or even this cool gray army parka.

boots: Billy Ella Embroidered Star Boots

bag: Madewell Transport Rucksack

sunglasses: Prada c/o Ditto

mittens: Anthropologie





  1. Love this look – wish your jacket wasn’t old!! Can we stop for a second and talk about how flipping amazing Amazon Fashion is! Well, as long as your keep on eye on random pricing for different sizes.

  2. Hi there Shana! Yay a new post!!

    Remember a little bit ago when you took a reader shopping for jeans? Gosh Shana, I wish I lived in your neighborhood! From your tips I’ve now embraced my own Flea Market Flares plus a pair of black high waisted black skinnies (post coming momentarily!), but my boyfriend, girlfriend whatever you want to call them are in such need of replacing! They’re from 2009 for goodness gracious! Of course, they’re sentimental: they’re simply H&M but from a trip to Paris. I should have bought them upon the first sighting but rather they became fixated on my mind causing the entire family to stromp around this beautiful town in the rain searching for the said pair of jeans. Silly, right!? Since then I know to but IT when I see IT! That way the travels may be much more enjoyed by all!

    I do want to share this jean outfit with you: my chopped off jeans with sparkly boots. It’s very much a SHANA inspired outfit! I think you prompted me to try out the long skinny scarf. Also, I recently tagged you on Insta because I now have faux fur mittens–also inspired by you! (The ones up above are divine!)

    Can you tell I’m a fan? Haha. Love your style Shana. You do jeans like no other!!

    Love, Ann

    PS Have a great weekend!

  3. Any tips for not feeling like a slob in too-big jeans when wearing boyfriend jeans??? I’ve tried on a couple pairs but end up just feeling like I look sloppy insteady of super stylish and awesome like you do. *sigh* but they look so comfy and amazing on you that I want to be able to wear them!! Help!!

      • Lori, I’m with Julia – the shoes (and half tuck) do make a big difference. But part of it is also getting the right fit. The newer girlfriend jeans are so much better than their predecessors – but I still had to size down to get the fit right. This particular pair is pretty stretchy, so you might want to try going down a size.

  4. What Lori said. I think it’s because I’m soooo curvy right now, I just feel like a bum with all the four-years-two-kids worth of “extra” me. Lol.

  5. Perfectly timed!!! I have been meaning to spend some time searching on your blog for exactly this: girlfriend jeans and boots. I tried mine cuffed with knee boots under but it felt a bit silly (not deliberate enough?) so was going to look to see how you did it.

  6. Madewell sent me an email (just me I’m sure, we’re tight) and said to embrace the FULL tuck on my high rise denim! Aaaahhhh!

    • Yeah….for high-rise denim, I’m totally with them. Have been shocked by how much I love it, actually. Not quite as scary as I thought!

  7. I know Shana links the site with the most sizes available but I just found the jeans for $80 on Nordstrom Rack and $100 on, they just might have your size!

  8. Can you do a post on best shirts to wear under open sweaters/capes? Fitted shirts are unflattering for my over 4year old post-baby belly 🙂

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