Bralettes: The Best for Lounging and Travel (and a Trick to Make Them More Flattering)



Ah, the love-hate relationship with bras. Since having a child, I must admit, it’s definitely more hate for me…I think my boobs have changed about 542 times during and since pregnancy. Sienna will be 3 in May and I’m seriously hoping they’re done. I generally have to stick to underwire when I go out of the house (hello lift) and around the house I tend just to wear them, too, even though they’re not comfy at all. But, going braless is just not an option these days, even at home.

The bralette has become a serious godsend to solve this lofty (heh) issue. Not only is a good bralette pretty and good for wearing around the house for comfort, but it’s also perfect for traveling when you’re staying with friends or family and don’t want to subject them to your unruly girls first thing in the morning. Many of these styles here are comfy enough to sleep in when traveling and even at home if you like that light support at all times. (And I have a trick below for making saggy mom boobs look better in these light support bras!) I’m fairly conservative when it comes to my boobs though and am not up for braving the au naturelle (aka free and floppy, in my case) look outside the house, but if you’re good with that then by all means rock some of these beyond lounging and sleeping purposes!

Above, bras I own: turquoise, silver, black/copper (similar)




The majority of bralettes I liked online were lacy. They are so pretty and some of them are still quite supportive.

1. Free People Evangelina Lace Bralette – The shape of this bralette looks unique and like it would be fairly supportive. I LOVE the blue and white. This would be super sexy under a blue button down for lounging and also lovely under a gray tank.

2. Anthropologie Eberjey Michaela Long-Line Bralette – Anthro wins for most beautiful bralettes, in my opinion. Gorgeous! I think this one would work well with the inserts I talked about for a little smoothing action.

3. Free People Galloon Lace Halter Bra – This is one I own, pictured at the top in turquoise. I really like this bra for lounging and the halter style does give a bit more lift. I don’t think the halter is great for sleeping though, in my opinion, but it does make it supportive enough to wear under tanks on a hot day in summer.

4. Xanadu Bralette from Spell Designs – UGH. This one sold out while I was creating this post. Sad! But this Folk Town Bralette is lovely and very similar. This one looks good for sleeping and lounging, but very light support.

5. Urban Outfitters Lace Bra with Removable Strap – Really rad. I mean, a little daring, but the strap is removable. It looks super cool under a black tank though (shown on their site). It says it has a ‘soft cup triangle’ so there may be a bit of padding. Regardless, your significant other will thank you for this purchase.

6. Samantha Chang Mera Long-Line Bra – So, I realized this actually has side boning in it instead of being a completely soft bra, but I left it in since it’s SO lovely. If you need to treat yourself with some amazingly beautiful lingerie, get this. And, it’s on sale!

7. Felina Inviting Bralette – A lovely classic style, this also comes in a soft pink. This looks super comfy and lovely. It looks to have light padding.

8. Free People Wild Roses Cross Dye Bralette – This is also very close to one I have above. It is so beautiful. It is sheer, so a cup liner would also be good for this one, if you need one. It’s beautiful peeking out of an off the shoulder or wide necked sweater or sweatshirt. I love it.

9. Wacoal Embrace Lace Deep V Bralette – I liked this one because it has a deep V and still looks comfy. I think this would be a real go-to bralette to wear all the time…especially for travel when you don’t want your in-laws seeing your bra poking out. Perfect. It’s also low enough in front to be nursing friendly.

10. b.tempt’d by Wacoal Women’s Lace Kiss Bralette  – This is just pretty and that yellow neon is super cool. Fun under a gray tank top.

11. Anemone Full Lace Semi Sheer Bralette – This gets a ton of good reviews, runs small. This would work best for smaller busts. Sexy without liners, but more practical with.

12. Manstore Women’s 100% Lace Full Coverage Wire Free Leisure Bra – This is another I have above in the silver. I ordered it to try while researching for this post and I really like it. It’s comfortable enough to sleep in and great for those PJ’s-most-of-the-day weekends. It has padded cups and the cups are a little close together, in my opinion, but is still a great choice. I’m just sad I didn’t choose that lovely navy color, but the silver is soft and pretty. I ordered a medium in this and this was the right choice.

13. Intimate Portald Women’s Gardenia Wire Free Contour Bra – This one is also padded and offers more support. It gets good reviews across all sizes and people with fuller chests still really liked it. I like that it is a v-neck. Totally worth trying. The v-neck style makes this look like it would also be nursing friendly.

The Support Trick!

For those that have less support built-in, I like to slip in a little cup liner from either a swimsuit or another soft bra…something like these (and they come in a pretty box to keep track of them!) This works great for light support and for a smooth look under thin bras…and to help out mama boobs who have fed child(ren) a little bit. For reference on how these fit, I typically wear a 32D or 34C, I think. You guys. It keeps changing. But that will give you an idea of the styles I’ve tried versus my typical bra size. 

And this is about the distance and clarity of photo that I’m brave enough to post of me in a bralette at this point you guys, but at least it’s proof I’m wearing one that I talked about, right? Similar tank about needing coffee here.

2016-02-19 09.54.56


1. Urban Outfitters Rosa Lace-Up Seamless Bra – The black sold out while I was creating the post, but the dark red is beautiful. Love the back of this so much.

2. Mixmax Strappy Crop Tank Bustier Cutout Bra – The fit looks a bit tricky to determine according the reviews, but the back is SO cool! I get the sense it’s best for smaller chests.

3. UO Out From Under Skinny Strap Metallic Bra – Definitely the raddest bra of the bunch. It doesn’t look very supportive, but it’s so so pretty. I may order and wear this summer with another simple black or gray bralette under it.

4. Wink Gal Sexy Deep V Full Lace Bralette  – This is lovely for you very small breasted women. So pretty and hippie chick. Looks simple, sexy and comfy for home for the rest of us.

5. Calvin Klein Iron Strength Bralette – This one has a much sportier look in front, but cool straps in back. Looks great for lounging or yoga.

6. Express one eleven Strappy Front Bralette – Nice, simple and comfy looking but love the strappy front detail. This would be pretty under a sheer top since the coverage is good.



1. Yummie by Heather Thomson Claudette Bralette – This looks very soft and perfect for home. It has a double layer of nylon/spandex and the band looks like it would be especially comfortable. It also wraps in front and looks like it would be nursing friendly.

2. Spanx Lounge-Hooray! Bralette – Well, with lounge and hooray in the name, how could you not give this a try? Looks uber comfy and is made of antimicrobial fabric. I cannot get over this dusty mauve color. Beautiful.

3. Calvin Klein Modern Micro Bralette – This definitely looks like a sports bra, but softer and less supportive, so better for lounging. It’s got a regular racerback. Very basic, but looks good quality if you prefer a sportier look.

4. Athleta Quest Wherever Bra – This has molded cups so it would provide a better look under clothing for going outside the house. It gets good reviews and I’m really tempted to try this one. It has racerback straps in back for good lift and support.

5. 4 Pack Kalon Nylon Comfort Bras – This basic bralette comes in many colors, is affordable and comfortable. It gets great reviews and is perfect for travel/staying with guests. This style was so comfortable for early pregnancy, for me, too, when you don’t want a tight band. This tri-blend color pack was my favorite.

6. Athleta Beloved Bralette – This is very similar to the green bralette I tried on at Athleta. It gets great reviews for lounging and yoga, pilates, etc. Sadly, it looks like there are limited sizes left, but hopefully they will restock.

Ok, all the lovely lacy bralettes will need washing, too. This set of lingerie bags is brilliant not only for washing delicates in, but clothespin one of them to your kids’ hamper to throw all socks into…no more lost socks! I just started doing this and it is amazing. Sienna’s socks are still so darn tiny that they are really annoying to keep up with. The socks get good and clean in the bag and the dryer doesn’t eat them! I love these life hacks. I’m seriously addicted to Tip Hero these days.


Photo courtesy of I Heart Organizing

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Do you guys have any favorite soft bras to lounge or sleep in? And please do share any good laundry tips, too! Speaking of laundry, I’m off to try to get that gray out of my light washed jeans from the overall mishap of 2016

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