Bright Lips For Moms Who Still Want to Kiss Their Babies


I have been in love with all of the bright lips J. Crew is now known for.  It's instant glam for date night (and we have a little tutorial on date-night red lips here) but it's also a perfect way to add style and polish to something casual.  

So fun in the summer with cut-offs and my husband's white v-neck tee.  So pretty in the fall with destroyed denim and cozy sweaters.

But now that I have Pax, who is SO. TOTALLY. KISSABLE…the bright lips are hard to rock.  (Not that Raines, my first love, isn't kissable…he's just really, really fast.).  I don't want to be leaving kiss marks all over anyone's little head.  And besides, Pax likes to kiss back.

IMG_4422 2

But Mamas, I found a solution:

Screen shot 2011-08-30 at 12.56.16 PM
His name is Flame.  And he is the most gorgeous, bright, coraly-pink.  I'm in love.  And he has a brother named Gothic. Who is an even darker version – more red, red, red.  

And best of all?  You put these on like magic markers…and marker-like, they dry in seconds.  Leaving your lips wonderfully stained, wonderfully dark…yet somehow completely non-transferable. 

Which is a good thing for us mamas.





  1. Don’t know what I’d do without lip stains! I’m in love with pixi’s “love” (for bright red) and “purity” (for perfect au natural). Gotta kiss the babies! You look adorable, and Pax is indeed kissable…

  2. Oh my goodness, I am in love with the pics of your son! He is sooo precious! My 14 month old loves to give kisses. Big, open-mouthed ones too. I’ll take ’em even though they are messy. 🙂
    Love the lip stain. I always feel so self conscious wearing bright color on my lips, but maybe I’ll get adventurous.

  3. Do you think anyone can wear a bright lip? I tend to stick with a lighter shimmer gloss at all times….. bright lips just seem like so…bright…? I’m willing to branch out, but maybe its not for everyone?

  4. Thanks for the love, girls. Aren’t open-mouthed baby kisses the best? (Wow. Something my pre-kid self would never thought I’d say.)
    @Kilee – I really like the bright lips with a messy, casual outfit, otherwise I feel too “done”. Because the lips are a statement. But this product is so sheer that your lips still look like….lips. So a nice starting point if you want to just try it.

  5. Great tip! I usually use benefit lip stain but it’s very natural… actually, so are most of the lip stains I have tried. I bought a GO-geous red gloss called Starlit by Smashbox but again, it’s gloss. I will check out your lip stain recos and hope for bright, non-transferable red!

  6. BOUGHT IT TODAY> LOVE. IT> Really did not come off on the bebes! I went straight to flame…and now my hubs will kiss me too. I will be blogging about this soon & linking back to yours. I rock red all the time but it can do funny things and get gummy and wander….LOVE Revlon Bitten. LOVE.

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