So I’m Suddenly Wearing Hot Pink Like A Crazy Person


I have a birthday coming up at the end of the month.  Perhaps I’ll blame birthdays (which sounds nicer than aging) for my latest obsession:  hot pink.  Not just pink, mind you, not a subdued blush, or a soft wash of color, but an in-your-face explosion of fuchsia.

I don’t know if I just needed a break from my usual all-black-all-day, or if I’ve just been feeling extra tired lately (thus appreciating the perking-up effect of pink)….but it’s one of those colors that I’m finding surprisingly easy to wear.  And hearing, “You look nice today!!” whenever I wear it doesn’t hurt either.

But this particular pink, with all of it’s perking power, is, admittedly, a Hue That Requires A Commitment To Color.  It’s not some dusty mauve wallflower, nor is it a pretty-pretty pinky pink, rather it’s a….badass sort of pink.  It’s more Neon-Pink-Meets-Black-And-Has-A-One-Night-Stand, less Frost-Those-Cookies-In-Your-Floral-Apron-Pink.

And I’m finding that – not only – does hot pink work like a facelift, but it pairs really well with both jeans (yay) and….mah PINK PANTS.  Forget mixed prints, mixed PINKS.

Outfit Details

sweater: Free People (xs) – almost sold out, but this one is really similar.

pink pants: Free People (size 25 for reference)

jeans: AG Jeans (size 24 for reference)

boots: Free People

bag: Etsy (similar)

Shop Pink (To Make You Wink)

February called – it said Valentine’s Day is coming early this year.  Guess who’ll be ready?





  1. Please tell me what I am doing wrong with Free People sweaters. I love them on everyone. But me. Maybe I order the wrong size (I am a small in almost everything). I am not short (5′ 9), but somehow I am swimming in Free People-ness. I look ridiculous, yet I still keep ordering. And returning. Help! 🙂

    • Any chance you’re curvy? I’m also tallish but curvy and FP is always a fail for me. But if anyone finds a long sweater with the soft, cozy and WARM (honestly wtf that every sweater now has a cutout? I’m trying to buy a sweater bc it’s friggin 5 degrees and I am ALREADY COLD!!!) vibe that FP gives off, help a girl out!

      S, the one night stand line killed me. So true. I am a dyed in the wool black forever fan but my Xmas gift to myself was a hot pink and black striped wool scarf. I get an 80s punk vibe (Debbie Harry in black leather and fuschia lipstick maybe?) from the combo that rocks my world.

      • I’m curvy and small up top, so Free People is the ultimate crapshoot for me. And I agree on the sweaters with cut-outs. Shoulders get cold! I’m almost always a bit chilly and I live in California!

    • Even though I wear a DD bra size, I wear a small in most types. In free people, I have to go down to a X-small or a xx-small and then they still just don’t look right on me. I can’t pull them off either.

    • Amen! I thought I was the only one who hated Free People. You can never wear a bra with their tops and sweaters and everything I try on looks weird or “off.” I thought it was me!!

  2. Gah! I love love love this!
    Now, can someone please find those pants in a non-cropped cut. No matter how fabulous the pant, I. Just. Cannot. Do. A. Cropped. Flare. But Shana can pull it off because she’s a shorty… or maybe it’s just her perfect butt? 😉

  3. I am in awe of the pink on pink! I wish I were gutsy enough to try something so bold…unfortunately I am a black on black on gray kind of lady ?

  4. I was just teaching a woman I work with about the amazing-ness that is ebates, and I noticed that I still have these pants in my cart. And they’re only $43.99 now! I do believe that it is a sign from a greater power that i should order them. And wear them with the “l’amour” sweater from loft that I just ordered. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, right?! Haha!

  5. This looks adorable on you. But it is just not pull-off-able for 99.9% of the female population in my opinion and thus kind of lost on a broad audience I think. Just my two cents!

    • Hi. While I agree that I won’t be getting pink pants or likely any color right away, I do appreciate Shana’s article for having fun with proportions, shades, and textures. I find that inspiring as I head off to my color adverse closet to plan a multi-layered, albeit simple outfit for work. Sometimes I also find brands from Shana that are new to me that I enjoy artistically. Just my two cents on what I did get from this article and similar.

  6. I could never wear the pink on pink look but it looks fab on you. However, I could wear one of those items—likely the top. I could see myself wearing the pink top with jeans or, of course, black pants. As an older woman I’m very conscious of wishy-washy pink. I do love it but I fear it makes me look even older. My two cents is as we age we need neon pink, bright raspberry or some such to avoid the grandmother look.

    • Nothing wrong with looking like a grandma! Mine was the hippest and her favorite color was any color of pink. TBH I’m also an older human female, wear mostly black and have those FP pants in taupe…

  7. Love this color. Bought the sweater. (Pants not going on this woman!). BUT. I am riveted by the chair you’re sitting in! Who makes it?

  8. Hey! Nothing wrong with pink, but I just ordered Laura’s Kut from the Kloth jeans for MY birthday at the end of the month – the 29th!! Are we Birthday Buddies?

  9. I have these same pants — only in the blush/taupe color. I am so at a loss of what shoes to wear with them aside from flats because a) I don’t wear heels anymore and b) I live where the snow falls constantly right now. So they are living in my closet. Any other shoe suggestions besides sock boots or flats? I was thinking a desert boot….


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