Brunch Beautiful, and All Good Things in their Proper Basket!


So, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” is about to be deconstructed and reconstructed beautifully into “put all your eggs in the frittata” and “put all your towels in the basket.” Stay with me :-).

Brunch is just the best! I personally love to pick at little bits of food early in the morning; just a coffee and a few nibbles of fruit, a bite of yogurt and granola, and a few bites of leftover kid food as I clean up. But come 10 am, after getting the kids to where they go, a few hours of work, and a little exercise if I’m lucky, well, then I’m absolutely famished! And I usually need a mid-morning break, every day of the week just for mental health. And on weekends, we usually have something crazy in the morning, and another something crazy in the afternoon, and hence, BRUNCH! My favorite meal of the day — every single day of the week!  I also love a set table and cloth napkins. You can ask my friends about that; they tease me, but they love it too. It just makes everyone happier to actually sit to eat when it looks so pretty and feels so special, even if just for a few moments. A meal honestly doesn’t take that long to whip up, nor to eat, but it does feel like something more special when you take a few minutes to set the table well. So here’s the news today: we set this gorgeous table entirely with beautiful items from The Home Depot. Who knew they had all these amazing things? It was news to us, but such great news that we’re excited to share it with you too! So here’s how we make a beautiful brunch, on the quick:


As with all lovely things in life, we begin, with coffee. I’ve tried the fancy machines, the not-so-fancy machines, the ones on timers and the ones that are currently in development that I’ve crowd-funded, and which have yet to be fully developed and delivered. And in truth, it’s the easiest, simplest, most beautiful that I enjoy most. Boil water and pour. Voila!

Chemix ClassicChemix ClassicChemix Classic


We made a simple frittata: eggs, parmesan, and sautéed zucchini and red peppers. We fill this with all sorts of different combos regularly because there are just so many wonderful ingredients straight from the seasonal garden that work well in a frittata. We baked it to keep it simple and have it come out looking poppingly perfect! This is so easy to pull off in just about any bakeware. And we placed it on top of this gorgeous serving/cutting board that we’ll use for 1 million meals, again and again. That plus a simple baguette and some fruit takes just a few minutes to prepare and makes all of our bellies so happy! Yours too?

Glasses // Board // Dishes // Silverware // Placemats // Copper PitcherGlasses // Board // Dishes // Silverware // Placemats // Copper PitcherGlasses // Dishes // Silverware // Placemats


We’re all supposed to be drinking half our body weight in ounces of water per day, we know this, yes? So much easier to do when you pour it from such an extraordinary vessel into such a sweet glass and flavor it just a tiny itty bitty bit with a splash of unsweetened cranberry juice.Glasses // Copper Water Pitcher

Shop Our Table Settings from The Home Depot

Kitchen Tables, Seating, and Storage

While we used our own kitchen for this brunch, The Home Depot has a great selection of similar chairs, tables and sideboards. We love mixing modern chairs with more traditional tables, and we especially love the combination of white chairs with wood tables, and pedestal tables in confined spaces like these:



We also find beautiful storage to be a great thing in the form of a sideboard in an eating or dining area. Maybe it’s storage for additional serving items, but often it’s for the art supplies or the candles, or special event and holiday items. These are a few of our favorites:

Bathroom Baskets and Towels

So I pass this sweet bathroom all the time, and while I love its simplicity and the brightness of its mostly white, I always feel like it could use just a little love. We added a few baskets and rolled some cozy towels.  It’s nice when you roll towels and don’t need to worry about whether they are perfectly folded and/or who folds them how! And it’s also a relief when you can reach a fresh towel from the sink or shower too.  Something about a basket just warms a space as well in its natural texture and coloring. Here are the ones we chose for this spot, and a few others we thought were lovely too.

Set of 3 Two-Toned BasketsSet of 3 Two-Toned BasketsSet of 3 Two-Toned Baskets

Shop More Baskets

Shop Great Towels


Et Voila: All the eggs in the frittata, all the towels in all the baskets, and all the news shared, we love brunch, and we love that we can find so many beautiful home decor items from The Home Depot!

Thank you to my lovely neighbor Anne for letting me clip from her garden! Again!

Photo credit and a big warm hug to Marissa of Redfield Photography — woman you are the most professional and fun person to work with! Thanks for sharing brunch with us!

A huge thank you to The Home Depot for sponsoring this post! I’m impressed with your fantastic selection for HOME decor! As always, all thoughts, opinions, design, styling and product choices are my own.  And readers, thank you for your continued support, it’s always genuinely appreciated.
xoxo, A


  1. I am floored that everything is from Home Depot! It’s all so pretty! I *need* that copper pitcher…And the cutting/serving board…And those round baskets for the bathroom…And maybe the glasses, too!

  2. Home Depot is K I L L I N G I T in the decor selections…who knew?! I would like one of each, please. Especially the cutting board and placemats. I went down a few rabbit holes and found many other great finds that ended up
    In my cart too! In love with the black stripe baskets- I’m a little concerned that the placement of the basket by the toilet won’t end well 😉 if there are boys at home, but I love the look!

  3. Hey there lady! If we are going to cook together, we need to agree to a few base concepts: 1, no exactness, 2, you need to do plenty of other things at the same time as you cook-if you pay too much attention, eggspectations will not be met:) Ignore is your friend. We heated an iron skillet to medium, or just a tad more than. Added some olive oil. Sliced 1 red pepper in long thin slices and threw them in there and then ignored them for a half hour or so…except for occasionally moving them around when we would pass by and remember that they were there. Once they hit that great color and there were brown bits on the edges, we quartered and sliced a zuchinni and threw that in right on top of the peppers. They like to touch the bottom to get nice and brown, if they sit on top of one another or the peppers, they don’t brown as well. So stir them to the bottom with a wooden spoon and use the pepper to weight them down a bit. They cook quickly, like maybe 10 minutes. We beat 16 eggs. First it was a dozen, then it looked like we needed a few more and that was what we had. And I only even remember that because Davis, our awesome intern who was helping me that day asked. So thank you Davis for making note of that. Once the veggies were sautéed, we dumped them into the mixing bowl with the eggs. We added a pat of butter to the baking dish, that was resting next to the sauté pan so that it would be warm b/c everything cleans up better with a little melted butter. We dumped the eggs and veggies in there, and then sprinkled parmesan cheese (if I had to guess, it was a strong handful, so maybe a quarter cup ish,) salt and pepper on top and mixed it just a tiny bit more. And stuck it in the preheated oven at 400. And then we waited and checked on it every now and then. And smiled as it rose and looked so yummy. It was in there for approximately a half hour, maybe 35/40 minutes. We pulled it when it didn’t look wet and was nice and brown and puffy. And then it sat and came to room temp whilst being photographed. And then we devoured it. It was pretty yummy. I love baking eggs because you can get so many other things done at the same time and they really do get nice and fluffy. We also do have all sorts of other veggies combos that work really well, but the peppers and zucchini are plentiful right out of the garden right now so that’s what we used. I’m sorry this isn’t an exact recipe, but go with it, make it your own, and know that you can’t really screw this up so long as you check on it just every so often. Also, using the deeper bread baking dish helps with moisture and will protect it from overcooking. It kinda times itself, when the top is nice and brown, the middle is probably just perfect. xoxo A

  4. Re: copper pitchers, great selection and strong life advice to ER and E, you both have me laughing right now. I promise you, I ‘need’ NOTHING…and yet I am also in love with all of the things that have made their way from HD into my kitchen! Yes, I also especially love the Copper and the Board, they are both so pretty! Truth? The baskets are awesome! There’s this funny thing that happens in our little blog world, where often we ‘prep’ with the photographer on site. So maybe someday we’ll share all the ‘b roll’ of me bent over stamp ironing sheets on a wood floor, and asking the Philly cops to help me ‘catch’ the UPS driver with the one outstanding item, and re: those baskets? They are gorgeous and I love them. They came packed in a certain way where there were tiny bits of styrofoam sticking to them in the craziest way. I wouldn’t go so far as to say, don’t order them, it’s not worth it, because genuinely, it is. What I will say is this: I took them out to the street, turned them upside down, and banged them until all the bits came off. Then I vacuumed them with a handheld dyson. And I vacuumed the city street too out of good conscience. The baskets are totally worth it! But just be prepared for that, and there’s the easy solution. It only took a few minutes, in my pjs, and barefoot on the street. My neighbors already think we’re all crazy in a fun way, so this was just another day for them to giggle at us. We make beautiful moments because we live very messy very real lives. And we call that balance! And as for the boys/toilet/towels note. OMG. I love it. Yes that’s a very real concern. So at the risk of oversharing, here’s this: my son has a chronic disease with no known cure. So the kid has peed in a cup, first thing every morning for basically his whole peeing life. I think it’s time I thank him. His aim is excellent, and I’ve never ever, not once, had to ask for a seat to be put down nor cleaned up a misfire (from him.) And I have absolutely failed to appreciate that gift sufficiently. But because of your sweet and hysterical comment Erin, I do now, and I will going forward. Aim matters. We should teach all our men that. Because it’s the little things, right? Celebrate the small wins. Always. xoxo

  5. I have a small bathroom and love the basket with the towels… but yeah having the basket next to the toilet is stressing me out!! Ha! It looks so cute though. I’m going to have to check out Home Depot now. Everything you posted is so pretty!

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