Brunch to Playground Outfits for Kids


If your kids are anything like mine, then comfort is king – no matter how cute mama thinks that tiny moto jacket would be.

My eldest, Annika, takes this to a whole new level: no buttons, zips (closures of any kind, really), pockets, jeans, leggings that look like jeans, the list goes on. Even leggings are deemed uncomfortable these days, so…no pants I guess. We usually end up compromising with some kind of t-shirt and a tutu (maybe swapping Bogs for her fave pink cowboy boots).

Elsa is slightly easier to dress…for now.

It seems like there are a lot of semi-dressy occasions in the summer: relatives’ birthday brunches, restaurant dinners, baptisms, weddings – basically any event where you need to balance looking “nice” with keeping kids cool and comfortable.  So I went on the hunt for slightly dressy kids clothes that can easily go from church to brunch to the playground (read: comfy and washable). And I even found some really cool hybrid swim shorts for boys that can go straight from stuffy event to the sprinkler!


Annika’s Outfit (older)

Oz Ombre Tutu Skirt, Tea Collection on sale! (c/o): She’s  worn this literally a few times a week since we got it, only taking it off so I can wash it. And it’s held up beautifully in the wash. The underlayer is comfy t-shirt knit so it’s not irritating to sensitive kids.

Wallaby Graphic Tee, Tea Collection on sale! (c/o): Admittedly less dressy than I would have chosen for a summer dress-up occasion but I’ve learned to pick my battles. Super soft and washes well.

Bogs Girl’s Classic Boots: The easiest, best rain/winter boot option for us. No straps, buckles or other annoying fasteners, and never gets wet inside. They kept her warm even when we visited the in-laws in Minnesota during a record-breaking cold streak this winter (Note to self: never let hubby be in charge of trip planning again).

Elsa’s Outfit (younger)

Honey Myrtle Twirl Baby Dress, Tea Collection on sale under $14! (c/o): Shortie loves to twirl, and this dress is made for it! The gold print isn’t matte but also not glittery, it’s a beautiful, subtle sparkle. And still soft as a t-shirt.

Sparkle Stripe Baby Leggings, Tea Collection on sale under $9! (c/0): A little gold sparkle stripe fancies up basic comfy leggings – if your kid’s on the taller side or in between sizes, defnitely size up.

Hatley Kids’ Rainboots: I found a great deal on the cutest Hatley rain boots on Amazon. I love the cute prints and she loves the handles, which make them super easy to put on herself, as we’re deep into the “ELSA DO IT!” phase.

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