Buffalo Plaid Work Shirts….I’m In (And Channeling My Mother)



Look at me, all sassy.  This is the face of a girl who has had two surgeries in as many months, and has survived one round of chemo.  Yeah, baby.

This girl is, all things considered, feeling pretty good.  (HA!  That'll change.)




tee:  old…here's my current fav

pants: J.Crew Pixie pant in leather tux stripe


Oh, and I'm wearing my work shirt like a jacket.  But to keep from feeling exactly like my mom circa 1995, I'm wearing mine over a graphic tee, rather than a modest v-neck.  

And speaking of my mom, guess what I'm doing in this pic?


Arguing with her.  This pic was taken sometime after the second chemo treatment, and I'm all, "oh look my hair's falling out, but it still looks good, so therefore and in conclusion, it'll stop shedding any second now and I'm not going to actually lose my hair.  Cause that's absurd."  And Mom is like, "Shana, go get it cut off right now.  It'll be gone by tomorrow."  And then I huffily roll my eyes and snort and lecture her on how different things are today and SERIOUSLY MOTHER you obviously DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT.  GAWD.


The next day I woke up with a male pattern baldness part.  Sigh.  And yes, hello, wig. 


In summary: Mom was right, and I am capable of – with shocking ease – reverting back to a petulant teenager.  Life lessons brought to you c/o of breast cancer.  Oh goody.


But let's talk about these 90's work-shirts.  Cause I'm kinda loving them.  I've been wearing them like a jacket, peeking out from under a jacket (or a vest, again like my mother)….



….and per usual, with a total disregard to complementary color palettes.  I call it my 'modern take on color'. 

And by "modern," I mean "I have breast cancer and will wear all of my favorite things simultaneously in the manner of the Red Hat Society."  

It's freeing, really, this breast cancer nonsense.  I mean MODERN.





vest:  old Anthro….here's the new version…or Gap's

denim: AG Legging Jeans

boots: old Freebird by Steven Kano Bootie…this year's issue…or $100 cheaper



But if I had one bone to pick with these work shirts, it's that they aren't all that tuckable.  A bit too thick for my bit-too-thick middle.  HOWEVER!  They half-tuck like a champ. (And are kind of fun and cozy and unexpected on date night/trip to Penn Medicine.)



shirt: Madewell

skirt:  old Target….try their midi version

tights: Plush Fleece Lined Tights

shoes: old Nine West….love these (pricy) or these (budget)

bag: Moop paperback



My workshirt is by Penfield, a Massachusetts-based heritage brand, bought at Madewell.  They have a bunch of colors available, but it would be pretty easy to grab a vintage one (there's one in my Dad's closet at the Lake that I need to get my hands on before my sister does…)


And Mom?  Despite the fact that I can be a total pain in the ass (especially as of late), I love you to pieces.  Happy Birthday to the woman who taught me everything I know about fighting like a girl.






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  1. Super adorable. Love love the buffalo check. Not sure if today is your mom’s birthday, but if so, it’s my mom’s today, too! Hugs coming your way. xoxo

  2. Hi Shana – I’ve been LOVING your blog for many months pre-diagnosis and then have been religiously following since your BC diagnosis. And then – guess what – I was just diagnosed 3 weeks ago! I’d love to connect with you via email and ask you some questions, if you’re comfortable with that as I’m facing 2 surgeries like you and my 1st is 11/14. You’ve been such an inspiration to me how you combine bravery, fashion obsession, breast cancer, humor and honesty in such a real way.

  3. Your ending made me think of the song Fight Like A Girl by Bomshell-
    I’ll hold my head high
    I’ll never let this define
    The light in my eyes
    Love myself, give it hell
    I’ll take on this world
    Yes, I’ll stand and be strong
    No I’ll never give up
    I will conquer with love
    And I’ll fight like a girl
    Love reading your blog and keeping you in my thoughts as you go through all of this!

  4. Wait, I thought I was close to your age and I was the one wearing those shirts in the 90’s, not my mother. I think I need to get one now, they are so comfy and warm.

  5. You are BEAUTIFUL like your Mom!
    Have been waiting since the turn of the millennium for workshirts to make a comeback. YAY!!! Wore them daily (with destroyed bootcut jeans & Docs) in college.
    BUT WAIT … (I’m so ignorant). You had chemo 3x. That’s considered ONE ROUND of chemo? Here I was thinking you were done?!? I’m really upset now! Do you have to go through this AGAIN?
    Going back through old posts to clear this up. I remember you describing your diagnosis & treatment plan in the post about falling off a cliff. Sorry for my ignorance. Big hugs.

  6. Ok, this is going to sound super vain — but you look so amazing in ALL of these pictures that I don’t think anyone would be able to tell which were after round 1 of chemo, which were after your hair started falling out and which were with a wig. You LOOK AMAZING in all of them.
    And I’m loving the work shirt and I’m also wondering on fit. I have a large chest and I need to figure out what size to get that won’t make the buttons hold on for dear life…

  7. Not vain and TOTALLY TRUE STORY. I’m still so in love with that short hair that I can’t get over how friggin amazing Ms. S. looks with it!
    Now for the shirt/chest combo…albeit temporarily (nursing) I’m feeling your pain. My dubious wisdom is…button placement. It’s not just size, it’s where that last button that you absolutely have to do before it looks pornographic sits. If that’s right, the shirt is narrow enough in the body but lays properly up top. Maybe? Or maybe I just lucked out. 🙂

  8. Bah. Premature posting.
    More importantly, just so glad to hear your voice, S. Hope you’ve had a change of scenery and are feeling better. Good thoughts, Mama.

  9. No! Amanda, I’m so sorry. I was talking about “one round” in the first pic because that’s how long ago it was taken…sometime after the first round. It’s funny, I can date anything based on my hair, but realize that it might be hard to tell (at least in some pics) which are hair and which are wigs. But NO – I’ve done THREE rounds and only have ONE left. THANK GOODNESS. xoxox

  10. Oh, Honey, the “fight like a girl” club is one I was hoping you would never need to join. But here you are fighting with such courage, candor, and grace. I’m so proud of you and love you so so much, Shana. Thank you for these birthday wishes. What great memories that picture brings back. I’m sure it was Mike’s comments that had me laughing so hard.

  11. THANK GOD Shana on the “rounds of chemo” question! OMG, you scared me there. But holy cow, vote of confidence for the wigs, right? Looking AMAZING! I’m hoping they’re easier for you to wear with the cooler weather we’re having. I personally have “temperature control issues” when wearing my high boots. xo

  12. Thank God that you survived the one round of chemotherapy. You look great in your picture, having a lovely smile and that shirt of yours that no one will notice that you have a breast cancer. And wearing it to feel just exactly like your mother was also a great thing. You and your mother are wonderful, hoping that you will continue your fight to have a wonderful life.

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