Pax’s NYFW…”Debut” (we’ll go with that)


Soooo…what do you do when you have a seriously fun NYFW brunch scheduled, when your train tickets are bought, but your nanny situation falls through?


Perhaps you can guess what I did.  Snort.

BURU Brunch


I was invited to the #burubrunch, a brunch hosted by my favorite store for post-partum, nursing mamas, Shop Buru.  It was an event to bring together a few fashion-minded mamas and, uh, have a drink at 1PM.  What’s not to love?

BURU Brunch



I ended up just bringing Pax along.  I figured that in a roomful of new mamas, empathy and understanding would be the norm.  In fact, everyone congratulated me on Pax’s “perfect” behavior (nothing short of miraculous).

BURU Brunch


I swear, dire times, drastic measures, you know?  (AKA….yay for ipods)

“Oh no!  The movie ended?  Let’s see if there’s another one….”  [please God please God please God let there be another one]

BURU Brunch

(wearing:  shirt – size S, similar skirt or a longer version, sunnies)



But it all worked out.   Pax hung in there long enough so I could have a really nice chat, and he got through a couple of movies and ate about 45 of these things.

BURU Brunch



The party was co-hosted by Bugaboo, and we were able to preview their newest Bee (the lighter weight Bugaboo).  It’s…fantastic.  I love everything Bugaboo does (I’m still using my old Bugaboo frog almost daily…unless attempting the NY subway alone with a three-year-old, then I need the lightweight umbrella stroller)….but if I were about to get back into the newborn & diapers game, I’d take another look at the Bee 3.  The one I saw even had a bassinet attachment.  Cool stuff.

BURU Brunch


This, by the way, is Morgan, a total doll and the woman behind Shop Buru.  (And that fabulous outfit I *believe* will be available soon?  Morgan?  Is that right?)

Also, Morgan’s mom (pictured with her adorable granddaughter).  She was amazing, and such a big help with Pax.  (Thank you!!!)

BURU Brunch


Aren’t moms the best?


No one will be surprised to hear that I wore flats.  WANH WANH WANH  Like I’ve mentioned before, one of these days I’ll peacock NYFW hard.  But this time….I had a date with a three year old and a blue whale.  So….flats.

BURU Brunch



I’m pictured here with Hunter Bell, the talented lady behind these fabulous jumpsuits, and Lindsey Belle, who – I’m now convinced –  may be one of the best family photographers in NYC.  Seriously – go look at her stuff.  Mind. Blown.

Lindsey, in a show of support, was wearing head-to-toe Buru and I’m totally obsessed with the whole outfit.  I was actually going to do a mom street style shot of her, but was too busy chatting and switching out Pax’s movies.  (So thank you Hannah, for these pics!!)   Anyway, she’s wearing a Malene Birger shirt (backwards!! cause she’s cool like that – so great for nursing) and The Odells slouch pants (although, I think these on sale Rachel Pally’s or these elastic waist denim pants would also work.)  Yay for elastic waistbands!!

Morgan’s die-hard love of elastic waistbands is one of the (many) reasons I love Shop Buru.  (I mean seriously.  Almost her entire stock is elastic-waist-pant awesomeness).

Anyway, after almost two (TWO!!) hours, Pax was dunzo.  So we wheeled on out, visited the blue whale at the Natural History Museum, and then took the train home to meet Mike and Raines for dinner.  It was amazing having some alone time with this little guy.

BURU Brunch


What a champ.

By the way, Morgan sent us home with a little something fabulous.

BURU Brunch


Shop Buru has a gift set for new Mamas, called Hello, Baby.  The Hello, Baby Bags are filled with comfy leggings (these might get my nod for best-ever leggings), a Rachel Pally wrap top, a Cake lingerie seamless nursing bra (my fav for those early weeks), a nursing tank, and a bottle of baby-fresh spray by the Laundress.   I’ve seen a ton of new-mama gift sets, but this might be my favorite.  Not only did Morgan completely nail the my-nursing-boobs-are-sore-I-need-a-super-soft-bra solution….but the leggings and wrap top are all I want to wear.

So when Pax and I got home – late and exhausted – and I realized that my goody bag contained EXACTLY WHAT I WANT TO WEAR ALL DAY EVERYDAY…well.  It. Was. Snuggletime.




Thanks, Morgan, you Sweetpea.  You made my night.  (And the night after that.  And the night after–)




ps.  Thank you SO much for your feedback on Feedly (grrr) and other RSS readers.  Not sure yet what’s going on with the feed, but we’re working to get to the bottom of things.  I seriously appreciate the head’s up.

Also, stay tuned tomorrow, because I’m doing the biggest giveaway I’ve EVER done….and I couldn’t be more excited to hear what you guys think.  xo!







  1. Um, I love this. I see that he was an angel, isn’t it nice when they surprise us the right way at opportune moments! What a fun event. You look beautiful and your shirt says it all. Great post and beautiful pictures. Thanks.

  2. This is awesome! Yay, Pax, and yay to you for bravely bringing him (nod to your shirt). Isn’t it great when they stay cool like that? We call our guy False Advertising when he does that. Ha ha…

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