A Business Casual Capsule Part 1 (For The Guy With a Chill Job)


Turns out I’m not the only one in the family who was down for a fall wardrobe update. Poor Pinky only gets one every few years because…why are guys so hard to shop for? I know why. Because they say they aren’t picky and don’t have opinions on what they wear, but they do. Oh, they do. (I’m lookin’ at you, babe. Up there, with the new beard.)

Pinky’s vibe is casual, non-fussy and very Pacific Northwest. My East Coast co-workers did not think these pieces counted for business casual, but if you’re on the West Coast and work in tech or sportswear or a creative agency, fancy shoes will definitely stand out…in a bad way. We’ll probably think you’re visiting…from the East Coast. Haha. And compared to Seattle or LA, Portland is even more laid back. 

So, when we do actually update the ol’ closet for P, I stick with pants cut like jeans that can pass for chinos, easy button-downs, and jackets that sharpen the look but are still casual cool. He works with a variety of brands, so because it’s tricky to know if you’ll be around Adidas or Nike folks on any given day, we stick with non-competing brand shoes, like fav Blundstones and his new favorite AllBirds, to keep everyone happy. 

When it comes to choosing colors and prints for his updates, I like to stick to easy navy and olive green for fall and winter. He already has many pieces that work with these shades, and they’re not boring khaki (sorry I’m just not into khaki…y’all know me and my pickiness), and they’re more wearable over and over than brights. He looks great in deep purples so we might throw a shirt in that shade into the mix, too, but to keep it simple, choosing a couple of classic colors always works. And, even if your guy has to dress up more for the office, these pieces could easily work as weekend pieces for all the guys across the land! 

Men’s Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe
(For The Chill Workplace)

Who knew choosing men's business casual clothes would be so....tricky? Chinos, button down shirts...the right shoes....See what we like for chill workwear.

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Shop Favorites For A Casual Men’s Fall Wardrobe


As you can see I chose quite a few pieces from the Amazon brand Good Threads, and we’ve been very pleasantly surprised with the fit and style! Pinky’s gonna try out a few of the pieces for us, so stay tuned for an update. Let me know some of your favorite brands to shop for a good men’s business casual wardrobe. I always love hearing your great finds and ideas!

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  1. This is very true and made me laugh. We moved to Oakland from Boston four years ago and my husband kept showing up to meetings in suits and then feeling really out of place when he realized everyone else was wearing…jeans. And they were all ten minutes late 🙂

  2. This is very helpful. I help my husband with his wardrobe because I enjoy fashion more than he does and he appreciates the help (just as he enjoys technology more than I do and I appreciate the help when my phone is acting up, and he fixes it before I throw it across the room). Especially because he works in a similar vibe office, and chilled business casual can be a hard target to hit sometimes. I look forward to seeing more.

  3. Hey guys – In this post, Laura was being light and funny. And as someone whose husband also doesn’t shop for himself…I certainly chuckled reading her post. If your relationship with your husband is different, great. But I don’t want to put any contributor in the position where she feels like she has to defend her relationship with her husband. That’s off limits – this type of judgement is simply not what we’re about. So. If you are wondering why your comment was deleted, it’s because we felt like it crossed a line (even though we’re also assuming you didn’t mean to).

  4. This is a very helpful post! We live on the east coast but my husband is a teacher and all these outfits are perfect for him. I have the not picky but actually very picky thing at my house too.

  5. My husband’s office isn’t even business casual, it’s just casual casual. Jeans and t-shirts and hoodies all day, every day. Viva tech in the PNW!

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