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It’s Amazon Prime Day!!!  This is the day where Amazon offers insanely deep discounts to it’s Amazon Prime members.  Not yet prime?  You can start a free trial here.  But be warned:  it’s seriously addicting.

The only problem I have with shopping at Amazon is the staggering amount of STUFF.  Especially on a day like Prime Day – it’s overwhelming.  So I’ve put together a few of my top picks for those interested.  There are a few electronics, sure (but just my very top favs), as well as totally drool-worthy bags and shoes.

Happy Prime Day!




Amazon Echo, $50 off (now $130)

We are totally and completely obsessed with our Amazon Echo.  In fact, we have TWO.  Alexa (the Siri-like software that comes with it) reads books on tape to my boys (it’s hooked up to our Audible account), spells words for Raines, sets kitchen timers for Mike, and adds stuff to our grocery list.  “Alexa, please add strawberries to the shopping list.”  It’s AMAZING.  Also plays from our Spotify playlists, so the boys can access their music without having to have iPhones in had.

Kindle Paperwhite, $30 off (now $90)

There are a ton of Kindle options, but the Paperwhite is my hands-down favorite.  It’s e-ink so you can easily read outside, but is backlit, so you can also read in bed at night without needed a nightlight.

Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer, $88 (down from $160)

Both of my boys have expressed an interest in photography.  We’ve been trying to figure out a camera solution for them….until we realized they can just take pics with our old iPhones.  When we travel, however, we’ll just bring this along so the boys can print out their pictures and make scrapbooks of our travels.  Done.



Top Picks For Bags

Everything below is 30% off…and YES that’s my Rebecca Minkoff Fringed backpack….



1. Rebecca Minkoff Fringe Julian, $322

This is, without a doubt, my most-used bag.  It fits a surprisingly large amount of stuff (granted, I’m past the diaper stage), but even more surprisingly, it’s insanely comfortable to wear, no matter how stuffed it gets.  I can’t quit this bag.  This bag has ruined me for all other bags.  30% off is an insane deal for this bag.

2. Foley and Corinna Patchwork Crossbody, $328

I am obsessed over this cross-body.  So freaking perfect for fall, and would look amazing with black, brown, tan, gray – insanely versatile, and completely on-trend.

3. Rebecca Minkoff Julian Backpack, $270

Like I said, the Julian backpack has totally ruined me for all other bags.  The entire Mom Edit team has this one for summer.  It’s amazing.


4. Rebecca Minkoff Isobel Hobo, $345

I do love an outfit-making bag.  And this – even with jeans, tees, and sneakers – is IT.

5. Frye Melissa Satchel, $374

I’ve had my eye on these satchels for a while – this gray color (as well as one of the brown shades) are now 30% off.  If I were still in the diaper-bag stage, this would be my top pick.


6. Northlake Crossbody, $34

Adore the cool design of this very affordable cross-body.  A perfect way to dip a toe in the trend.

7. Frye Studded Crossbody, $267

Sometimes going-out bags can be really precious – this is like the opposite of that.  So badass.  I love it.

8. Aldo Cupid Cross-body Bag, $50

Another seriously affordable, yet perfectly on-trend crossbody.  Yes.


Top Picks For Shoes

Like the bags, all shoes below are 30% off upon checkout….




1. Splendid Candee Gladiator Sandal, $108

I have these and LOVE them.  They are surprisingly comfortable, and the leather gets really soft with wear.  I can easily walk a couple of miles in them….more than that and they start to bug me.  But these are my go-tos for date night, or when I want to look a little put together.  I will probably buy in more colors…..

2. Kate Spade Tassled Sandal, $138

It’s hard to find an interesting black sandal.  These are perfect (and I’ve been really happy with the quality of Kate Spade shoes.)  Also in rose gold.

3. Aldo Lali Dress Sandal, $70

Unassuming, perfect little sandal for everyday.


4. Dolce Vita Wedge Sandal, $90

I’d wear these with flares allll day long….

5. Aldo Yellow Heel, $80

I mean seriously.  The happiest-ever sandal.  A total statement-maker.

6. Chinese Laundry Pom-Pom Sandal, $80

Speaking of statement-making sandals….these are totally ridiculous.  In the best possible way.  Wear with cut-offs and tshirts. Done.


7. Nine West Leather Pump, $109

I adore the lines in this sexy pump.

8. Sam Edelman Patti Sandal, $100

If you don’t have a pair of these, GET THEM.  The sexiest-ever going out shoe, and they honestly look amazing with EVERYTHING.

9. Lucky Black Sandal, $119

Walkable, yet badass.


10. Frye Jillian Chelsea Boot, $238

I’m really feeling the simple chelsea boot for fall.  This pair is perfect.

11. Splendid Hamptyn Boot, $178

A simple ankle boot in a really gorgeous gray.  Perfect for fall, but would also work in the late summer with a floaty white mini dress.

12. Freebird Blaze Boot, $295

These are the kind of boots you want to wear on date night in the middle of winter when you just can’t without socks.



Amazon also is offering 35% off luxury beauty items (including my favorite Oribe Beach Spray – it’s seriously like magic), so it’s a really good day to stock up.




  1. A Paperwhite for $30! That is a great deal! I was just at Amazon and absolutely overwhelmed, even narrowing my search doesn’t really help.

  2. The Oribe Beach Spray is not showing as 35% off for me…Do you know if that sale starts at a certain time?

    • I’m having the same problem – not quite sure what is going on here. I remember seeing something like “spend $50 and get XX back”….maybe I missed some fine print somewhere….

  3. The Rebecca Minkoff Fringe Julian backpack (black and tan) is going to be $263.90 at the Nordstrom sale starting on Thursday (saw the look book from my stylist)–If anyone is interested in that, you’d be better off waiting a couple days. Just FYI.

    • The prices listed above are the full prices – take 30% off the $322 to see the prime day deal, which makes it $225. Sorry for the confusion!

  4. Shana can you tell us how the Polaroid Zip printer has been working out? I’m trying to figure out which phone-to-printer printer to get, for a 10 year old autistic boy interested in making photo books (he’s hands down the most interesting, talented photographer in the family! — interested in ease of use and quality of photo I guess)

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