Cam’s Cyber Monday Picks: The Fun & The Practical On Amazon


Oh, hiiiii Cyber Monday. You’re a sneaky little one, ain’t ya? Black Friday comes and goes and then BAM. You make your fashionable entrance with your fancy extras and incredibly necessary must-haves.

This year I went straight to Amazon, because…well, they already take all of my money. It just made sense to continue to funnel more dineros their way. ha ha. No, but really. I always manage to find the most random, but also the most useful things on Amazon dot com. They’re like the Target of the internet. You can’t go there and not leave without something. It’s just too hard!

So, let me be the one to now suck YOU in (you’re welcome). Here are all of the Cyber Monday deals I found and think could be your next favorite thing to wear and use on the reg…When you’re done, don’t forget Black Friday shop and Cyber Monday guide, also in full effect.

Cam’s Cyber Monday Sales Picks: The Fun & The Practical

I went straight to Amazon, b/c...well, they already take all our money. Here are all the Cyber Monday deals I think could be ur next fav thing to wear & use on the reg...

1/ Round Polarized Sunglasses – I love cheap pair of sunglasses and these fit the bill. I’m always losing my shades, so I go the affordable route.

2/ Small leather wallet – This wallet is so cheery and cute! I had one like it and thought I’d never use it, but actually…I used it all of the time, even with it being smaller. It forced me to keep things simple and tidy.

3/ Slip-on Fluffy Mule Slippers – these remind me of my all-time favorite slippers…the UGG slipper, but these are not 100 buckeroos. #winning

4/ Packable Ultra Light Down Jacket – I have a very similar one that has become a necessity now. It’s so easy to pack in a bag, suitcase or whatever…and if you’re like me and get hot easily (especially when layered up), you’ll appreciate a jacket like this one.

5/ Chunky Knit Cardigan – I mean, this is always nice to have, to throw over anything! It comes in variety of colors, too.

6/ Button Down Pajama Set – always a great style for pjs.

7/ Fleece Lined Leggings – had me at fleece lined.

8/ Buckle Fedora – if you wear hats, consider this one. It comes in several colors.

9/ Geometric Holographic Handbag – aaaah. I love this! I’d carry it with anything, honestly…just for a bit of fun!

10/ Jessica McClintock Mesh Wristlet – I LOVE THIS BAG. It would be great for anything holiday or a formal event.

11/ Herschel Duffle Bag – I’ve heard good things about this company and a duffel is always nice to have.

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