The Search Continues: Can I Find Leggings That Don’t Roll Down?


I feel like I’ve been on a hunt for leggings that don’t roll down my entire life. Now, have I done the really hard research, bought a bunch and actually put them to the test? Okay, maybe not. But you know who is doing that? Yep — our dear, sweet Laura. Everyone say it with me: THANK YOU LAURA!

But seriously, this is a topic I’ve felt strongly about for a long time, yet never wanted to actually take the time to figure out. So I cannot explain my excitement when Laura dropped her first video trying out leggings (while doing burpees for a tried-and-true test, of course). This week she’s officially back with round two. Woohoo!!

Finding Leggings That Don’t Roll Down Pt. 2

The goal: try five pairs of leggings, do the burpees test, discuss findings. And that’s exactly what we’re doing again for part two of Laura’s leggings journey. (Say that five times fast). Everyone has very strong opinions about what leggings they love (and, guys, thanks so much for all of your input — we love to try out your recommendations!); Laura heard ya and tried out five more pairs with more to come in the future, so stay tuned (and subscribe) to our Youtube channel to stay updated.

Psst — curious about everything Laura’s wearing? You can find this latest video here on our Youtube channel. Just click “More” in the description and you’ll find allll of the outfit details and handy shopping links.


Danielle & Laura

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  1. Can you try the new beyond yoga – power beyond? I’m so curious if the extra compression would help with the rolling down issue.

  2. The single only legging this short waisted narrow hipped rectangle bodied Pilates instructor has ever worn that have not rolled down are the now discontinued lululemon wunda unda. And now my very last pair (got to be almost 10 yrs old) are done done done. What worked was that they were below the belly button to start with. I tell you they were perfect. And i have to wear leggings every damn day!! The high waisted leggings popular now are impossible. Size up size down size all around…nothing works. Maybe a little duct tape??? Wishing you all the success because if you find it I WILL BUY IT!!! BTW, The closest I have ever found are the Alo cargo leggings.

  3. Wondering if you have measured your rise and looked for leggings with that rise? As the poster above said, perhaps a lower rise would help? (Of course, many brands don’t list their actual rise – argh!!) I have an 11.5 inch rise so I need to look for ultra high-rise to prevent rolling, so maybe you need the opposite?

  4. hear me out… you may LOVE the Aerie Offline leggings, I have the same issues as you, and I wear these all the time to teach dance. love the plain and the OFFLINE By Aerie Warmup Drawcord Legging. They are also usually on sale and sometimes under $30 or even under $20 they are great quality and wash amazing. So many colors.

  5. This might sound crazy. But have you thought about taking your favorite leggings to a seamstress and having them attach soft boning to the inside of the waistband’s side seams? It *should* help prevent the waistband from rolling down, and since the boning is on the side it shouldn’t be uncomfortable. 🤷‍♀️ At this point it might worth a try, and you wouldn’t have to sacrifice all the things you love about your favorite leggings.

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