Can I Wear a Flowy Shirt With Dressy Shorts?

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Reader Question:

Can I pair the dressy satin shorts with a flowy sleeveless blouse for a holiday party? I live in Florida…


Yes!  Especially if you are lucky enough to be enjoying the sunshine at this time of year, dressy shorts with fab heels and a flowy little top are a perfect choice for a holiday party!  Be careful of the length – your top should end at least 4-6 inches above your shorts.  In other words:  make sure you can still see the shorts.  Else, you'll end up sporting a Lady Gaga no-pants look.  Not great. 

Depending on your body type (and your shorts) you can also experiment with tucking the shirt in. For some great examples, check out the Dressy Shorts post on The Fashtastic Blog.

Also, there's another great photo for inspiration here.

Happy Holidays!!




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