Cape Coats: A Lighter Option for Winter


Anyone else remember when I shot my heavier winter look? I do…it was in the mid 60s (ha). Whereas when I was in this outfit (sans socks, hats and gloves)…I was up North, in frigid temps. Funny how that works. The life of a blogger, man…it’s intense.

Anyway, let’s talk about this cape coat. It’s darling and since I am usually in the Carolinas, I am used to a pretty mild winter, so I can make good use of it. We DO get our cold days, but they’re usually short-lived and I can get away with wearing a lighter coat (even when it’s cold), layered over a really warm sweater and long sleeve shirt. I usually do try to wear long socks and not bare my ankles to the cold, but for some reason when I packed for our trip up north I didn’t have my northern brain on hand. Ah well. It worked out okay.

I didn’t freeze…too badly.











ATTN: To make this outfit even a bit more winter-friendly, because I’ll admit it’s definitely a little too light on the layers, I’d totally layer a chunky sweater over the plaid dress, wear patterned boot socks and at least gloves, if not a beanie, too. Basically, there’s a way to warm this whole look up a bit, for those of you that can’t deal with bare skin in the cold. 

Outfit Details

coat: Halogen Snap Front Hooded Cape  – I love this coat. As soon as I saw it in one of the Nordstrom catalogues, I knew that I wanted it. It’s a great price, too, which is nice. Now, my only complaint is that the snaps to make it either a sleeved-cape or just a straight-up cape do come un-snapped pretty easily. I also like this Mango Cape Coat.

dress: BB Dakota Plaid Shirt Dress – I wore this while pregnant, too…in the first/second trimester. I have loved wearing it with OTK boots or layered over jeans. It’s very comfortable.

jeans: Banana Republic Skinny Jeans, but old – I like their Zero Gravity w/ High Waist style.

booties: Kate Spade Bitsy Fringe Bootie – my style seems to be sold-out, but their Betsy fringe bootie is very similar, as is their Bellamy bootie. It was probably a good opportunity to try some cute, patterned socks…and it would have helped with the cold ankles. Something like these J. Crew heart ones.

choker: Nickel & Suede Taupe Leather Shimmer Choker – I’m a BIG fan. Love all of their accessories…pretty much the only earrings I wear!


My husbandographer, yet again, asked me to “fake jog”, so here I am again…jogging. In slow motion.



I don’t know. I think it’s getting better. The hubs may be on to something.



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