The Easiest Summer Combo: Linen Pants + Swingy Tanks


I need a replacement for jeans once the temps rise.  Denim shorts have the same vibe, but sometimes I’m not in the mood for the back of my thighs to be stuck to various chairs.  Maxi dresses and skirts fit the bill, but what if I need to suddenly…IDK…spread my legs or something?  Spontaneous cartwheel?  Sit cross-legged on the floor?  (The sitting is doable, it’s the getting up or down in a skirt that’s troublesome.)

I really, really like pants.  They are my sartorial comfort food.  And I’ve spent the last two summers eyeing up my friend T’s chambray joggers.  She bought them at J.Crew, and has been wearing them with tanks and strappy sandals, looking all calm, cool, and collected while I, clad in my usual denim underwear, unstick my thighs from my seat.

Turns out, J.Crew has not only brought them back again this year, but they’ve actually expanded the line to include additional colors, all in linen.  (And they come in petite, regular and tall sizes.)

Turns out T was right.  These are the pants of summer.  They’re insanely comfortable, yet flattering enough to wear with swingy tanks, making this outfit perfect for hot days.

Linen Pants, Swingy Tanks, Cute Gladiator Sandals…DONE

Outfit details

Top: Madewell Embroidered Island Tank Top (xs)

Pants: J.Crew Point Sur Seaside Pant (0 petite, 30% off with code SHOPTOIT) – also at Nordstrom (regular sizes only)

Shoes:  Rebecca Minkoff Arella Strappy Sandals (I had a pair of these a few years ago – in black – and Minkoff has brought them back much improved.  The footbed is nice and squishy this time around, and the leather very soft – no breaking in required.)

Sunglasses:  Elizabeth and James Rae Sunglasses (30% off right now!)

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    • Well, they’re linen, so they wrinkle like linen, but in that really good way. (And I think dark linen might be easier to wear in pants form…

  1. So, I’ve been staring at those J Crew pants, and similar ones for weeks, but haven’t had the courage to buy them. How is the fit? I’m normally at 2 Petite.

  2. Hahaha, I always smile when I see stuff like this on this site. Living in the South, “Summer” and “pants” are not two words that I would ever use together. Same goes for “Summer layering” or “Summer jackets” or “Summer cardigans”. I live in Houston. The best description I ever heard of Houston was, “it’s like LA… if LA were in Calcutta”.
    My only summer options are cotton shorts, breezy cotton tops (I love the tanks featured here), or athletic gear that’s meant to be sweated in. Before I had kids, I just didn’t go outside between June and October and wore whatever I wanted.
    I always on the hunt for shorts with a 4-5 inch inseam if anyone has any recommendations. I recently got some from Loft. I’m not sure how comfortable they are yet. Their sizing is all over the place.

    • OMG girl, I was halfway through reading your comment and I thought, “is this Christy? It sounds like Christy.” I think it was the “LA in calcutta” line. And I haven’t had much luck with longer shorts. But will let you know when I do.

  3. Just ordered these pants! And for shorts with a 5″ inseam I’ve had good luck with Gap girlfriend fit this year.

  4. I love these pants! Got one pair and they fit my big-legged self really well. In fact I just ordered a few more to try in different sizes. I wear with my Vans and a cute baseball tee, too — even to work (my work is super-casual, clearly). So glad you featured these, Shana!

  5. hahahaha, I love it! You made my day. 🙂
    FYI, I made my way to a Loft outlet near me and bought four pairs of their 4 inch shorts in the same style but different materials, and the size range was from size 4 to size 8!! Crazy, right?
    So far I’m liking them, but because of my looooong legs, and maybe because I just had a birthday and more cellulite seems to have shown up overnight, I still feel like they need an extra inch of material. Maybe I’ll cut off some of my jeans for the perfect length…

  6. So I ordered these in navy and the green (so I could get free shipping) thinking I would keep the pair I liked the most. I wore the navy pair first and I am in love. HA HA HA silly me that I was going to return a pair?- I was so not returning them. They are super comfy and very flattering as I am not a wee little petite thing like Shana. They did not wrinkle much at all. AND I washed them in cold, and hung them to dry and they do not need any ironing. So JCrew kept sending me emails about sale after sale and they also sent me a coupon since I made a purchase so what did I do, but bought 2 more pairs of these pants! For a total of 4, yes four pairsI LOVE THEM. THANK YOU SHANA!!!

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