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Reader Question – Vacation Style Tips for Postpartum & Nursing Moms

There are few things I’ve dreaded more than showing up at the beach or the pool after having my two beloved babies. Love them as we do, they tend to wreak havoc on the bod, from the first 9 long months on through the first few years, while it’s extremely difficult to fit regular workouts into super busy mom (or is that busy super mom?) schedules. So Ann, please believe me when I say, I truly feel for you here, and I did double time looking for the best postpartum body flattering vacation items I could find.

How to Pack for a Summer Post-Partum Road Trip (Or For Anyone Who Wants to Be Really, Really Comfortable While Traveling)

Reader Question:
Hello! I just had a baby 3 weeks ago. We are driving to Arizona June 30th to visit family. It will be a long road trip, with baby and my two other boys ages 6 & 8. My question is …..what do I wear?! I am severely postpartum and about a size 16/18 right now. My belly is still pretty flabby ( from my 8 year old? Haha) I want to be comfortable, but I refuse to wear yoga pants or maternity gear! After following your site for awhile and agreeing with your style…I am hoping you can lend some advice!! I am usually very good at packing and putting together outfits, but this soon after baby has me mystified 😉
Wow, girl!! A road trip, several weeks postpartum, with two boys and a baby! Impressive. Let’s see if we can’t figure out some insanely comfortable, yet stylish outfits for you to pack.

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