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I pulled together 200+ gifts (ranging from under $25 to stocking stuffers to white elephant ideas) from Amazon that are sure to impress Gen Z + millennials.
AND anyone with good taste, regardless of generation. ;)
All the pretty Amazon things…on sale.
The things I pack need to be as curated + lovely as my vacation, so I put together a list of pretty, helpful Amazon finds that ease all my travel worries.
I'm leavin'...on a jet plane...
Whether it's a "TikTok made me buy it" dry shampoo or amazing summer skincare, these 10 Amazon finds have been so useful in my everyday life.
That fabric shaver is pretty dang tempting.
Maximize kitchen space, level up your toilet cleaner, perfect a matcha latte + more with these 10 game-changing household Amazon finds.
These hidden gems = game changers.
After a ton of searching, I've found 10 luxuries that won't break the bank but will elevate my daily life -- indulgent but accessible. Check out my Amazon Live to hear alllll about these finds (+ some demos!).
A little luxe goes a long way.
I rounded up everything in my usual Amazon cart from gift ideas & travel items, to my go-to comfy bra, a seriously good alternative to Crocs...& even pet dental care...you're welcome.
Cloud balloons, the best candy EVER, and our go-to gift right now.
From hair clips & sponges for makeup + skincare, to the slides I finally understand the hype about, to the sweatshirt I'm obsessed with...these are my fave Amazon fashion & beauty buys.
Amy struck gold with these 15 finds.