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Maximize kitchen space, level up your toilet cleaner, perfect a matcha latte + more with these 10 game-changing household Amazon finds.
These hidden gems = game changers.
After a ton of searching, I've found 10 luxuries that won't break the bank but will elevate my daily life -- indulgent but accessible. Check out my Amazon Live to hear alllll about these finds (+ some demos!).
A little luxe goes a long way.
I rounded up everything in my usual Amazon cart from gift ideas & travel items, to my go-to comfy bra, a seriously good alternative to Crocs...& even pet dental care...you're welcome.
Cloud balloons, the best candy EVER, and our go-to gift right now.
From hair clips & sponges for makeup + skincare, to the slides I finally understand the hype about, to the sweatshirt I'm obsessed with...these are my fave Amazon fashion & beauty buys.
Amy struck gold with these 15 finds.
Daily Ritual touts "elevated basics" at a fair price, but how's the fabric? How would they fit? I tried 10 pieces to see if my black top was par for the course, or a random Amazon clothing "win" for me.
When I think of 'Parisian Chic' I don't necessarily think of Amazon clothing. But then I impulsively purchased Daily Ritual's Slouchy Pullover Top to bring with me on my 2019 European vacation. (I developed a debilitating quirk where I was petrified of being teased by Parisians for looking "too American.") Even my brother begrudgingly admitted that "I blended in" with...
My fave travel packing list essentials include everything from packing cubes & spill-proof bottles, to comfy sandals I never leave home without. Watch me dive into my 14 spring break must-haves in our latest Amazon live video.
We’ve got spring break travel on our minds over here, and we’ve found Amazon to be a pretty perfect one-stop-shop for a ton of travel things (the necessary and the unnecessary-but-really-cute). I’m heading out on a couple of long-weekend trips in the next few months, and Amazon has pretty much everything I need to complete my packing lists (as well...
Enter: A compilation of our fave things + really cute stuff we're eyeing + all of our Amazon Live videos. It's like a wish list & a favorites list all in 1, w/ clear categories & seasonal inspo. Really good + perfectly concise.
If you're unfamiliar with Amazon Storefronts... I'll clue you in. (Spoiler: they're SO genius for quick shopping and inspiration. I think you'll love.) Enter: A compilation of a bunch of our fave things + really cute stuff that we've got our eyes on + all of our Amazon Live videos. It's like a wish list and a favorites list all...
There's something rad about this puffer coat from Amazon. Not only does it come in 6 of the most gorg, neutral earthy shades...it's under $100. I'm stoked to style it for winter AND spring.
The puffer jacket really seems to be having a moment on my social media channels. From Southern California to Europe and the good ol’ classic snowy states way up north (represent!) I can’t help but notice that people in all climates are rocking one. It sparked a bit of inspiration, as someone who often overlooks a puffer jacket as just...
From my fave planner & the humidifier that helped my breathing, to the travel tray that's the key to road trips w/ kids & the laptop stand that saves my neck. These are the top Amazon finds I'd recommend (& buy again & again).
I was recently searching through my Amazon orders for this LoveHandle phone grip. I just upgraded my phone and cannot go without this specific handle that makes texting, taking pics (basically everything I do with my phone) so much easier. And while I was looking, I realized I had a bunch of Amazon favorites I wanted to share with...