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I'm not someone who likes dresses...but I can get behind this Gap mini shirtdress. This versatile piece works for fall date nights + casual outfits, & I'm in love.
Like a T-shirt dress...but fancier.
The item of clothing I'm always chasing after? Jeans. The Perfect Denim can be hard to find, but Gap is acing it. From high-rise to wide-leg pants, I can't get enough.
We snuck a faux-leather '70s flare in here, too. Just for funsies.
Confession time: we made Laura call this look "badass" (because it IS).
Not surprising, your pal Laura is bringing you a denim-on-denim look. My love for Gap denim & chambray runs deep & I've been wearing Gap essentials for years.
One part Americana, one part rock 'n roll.
Chic enough to wear with All The Things.
Maternity clothes that are comfy, versatile, high-quality & well-priced? Gap's got it in the bag. Think: better-than-basic leggings, cute nursing tops & the best socks (really...).
You know me, friends. My approach to maternity dressing this last round was...minimalistic, you could say. Tempted as I was to overhaul my entire wardrobe in favor of maternity-specific pieces that would ensure comfy bump'in for the better part of a year, the more realistic approach was to utilize as much of my current wardrobe as possible, mixing in...
Airy easy black dress…check. Fabulous flares…check. Cute printed tank…check. Good gray denim…check. Beige super-soft cardi…check. The pieces of almost all of my go-to spring & summer outfits...check. Budget-friendly...BONUS check!
Sponsored by Gap and ShopStyle Collective I strive each season to own a few REALLY good core wardrobe pieces that seamlessly work into my go-to casual outfit formulas. You guys have seen me wearing these classics (think cardigans, gray jeans, black dresses) over and over and (yes) over again. I wear these dependable pieces (and these effortless outfit formulas) on...