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2022 Gifts For Kids

From mini fridges + wall decor to fun games + luxe skincare, I've come up w/ 29 useful yet cool gift ideas for teens that may actually make them smile.
For your tough-to-impress teen.
Let's talk Nintendo Switch. W/ family-friendly & adventure games, it's the best video gaming system for kids, & I love it much more than PlayStation + Xbox.
Strong opinions, inside.
Need holiday gift ideas for the sassy tween who's a budding photographer/artist/rockstar/gamer? I can help! Nintendo Switch, Squishmallows & art supplies, anyone?
Approved by a Gemini tween.
We're eyeing cool gifts for tweens & teens — gifts that go beyond the usual popular requests (video games, phones) but will still 'wow' 'em (& maybe their parents, too).
Things are changing in our house. Our old playroom, once filled with blocks and Magna-Tiles and dress-up costumes and Nerf guns...has been recently renovated so our two boys (a teen and a tween) now have their own bedrooms. Instead of swinging on bars and building towers, there's a lot more moody listening of music going on. 17 Gifts...
Obvi our kids were going to learn how to play chess. We’re not trying to raise grandmasters; we think chess is a life skill. From the best chess boards to apps & books: our 5 tips.
I first beat Mike on our honeymoon. We were staying at some small B&B in California, and it was raining that day. Moodily, we poked around the nooks and crannies of the ground floor, until we came upon a window seat, complete with a chessboard. It was one of those beautiful, carved things — we were immediately drawn in....