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I am, admittedly, an Ebay junkie.  While waiting for the birth of my son, I spent many hours on Ebay, trying to score some cool baby stuff.  I'd blame it on nesting, but my Ebay habit started long before my pregnancy.  At first, many of my purchases bombed.  There was the $50 plane ticket (to anywhere!!) that turned out...
I like to think that I'm living my life, for the most part, without regret.  But I would like to go back and knock my 7-year-ago-self upside the head for buying a white cotton couch.  Seriously.  A. White. Cotton. Couch.  What an idiot.  And I couldn't even count on my husband ("Whatever you want, Babe") to talk some sense...
Just because you don't have the cash or the inclination to drop a grand on a spendier modern nursery rocker doesn't mean you can't have clean modern style or that you have to settle for an oak nightmare. Check out these budget-conscious nursery seating options.
As I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of my firstborn, I (as almost all first time moms) scoured the internet searching for the right pieces to go into our babies nursery.  This task seemed so big and all for such a little baby that really doesn't know or care what is in his or her room.  EXCEPT, give them...
Because we were relying on swaddling as a method to keep our sanity in those early days, we wasted a ton of money trying every swaddling blanket under the sun. We tried various sleep sacks (too roomy - he'd wake too early), "miracle" swaddling blankets (too thick, too hot) and an assortment of others (most were the wrong size and he would wiggle out, or they would cover his face). Then we discovered Aden + Anais.
Mirrors are great for your babe’s social, emotional and language development and, placed at your kiddo’s eye-level on the changing table wall, they can also help keep diaper change fuss to a minimum. But who wants to hang a large, heavy and disfiguringly shatter-able object above their dearest boy or girl at their most prone? Here’s a hip, safe and fun alternative: Choe and Tomlinson Self Portrait Mirrors at
Having the passion and the drive to keep things looking 'cool' around the house after kids is a little bit of an obsession for my husband and me. I guess I should define our thought of 'cool' - a modern, neat, functional interior that you enjoy and you're not tripping over toys (all the time) and can have the toys put away within a matter of minutes, if needed. We strive for this and while wanting to give our son all the toys and space to play he can handle, we need to be able to sit back in the evening after he goes to bed and not stare at the Hot Wheels track and cars, books, blocks, drums - you get the idea. Of course, it's up to us to actually get the stuff put away but away is a relative term meaning you have to have a place to put it that doesn't look out of place.
I am a huge fan of modern kid's furnishings. Stokke, Offi, P'Kolino - they make fantastic stuff. However, the price you pay for great design hurts. A lot. So when I found the super sale (more than 50% off!!) on select Offi furniture at Mod Decor, I didn't hesitate - I snapped up a cute table and chairs set. Now that mine is safely on it's way, I'll share this find with the rest of you!
As part of my constant quest to cuten up my little one's nursery (is it even called a nursery anymore? she's 18 months old, hmmmm . . .) I decided it was time for some artwork. I have always loved the canvas wall art by Avalisa so I finally decided to splurge and purchase one. From abstract and letters to animals and "things that move", Avalisa's masterpieces are sure to liven up your little one's room with her bright colors and simple designs.
I successfully cloth diapered my son for his first 10 months, until solid foods (and my gag reflex) really kicked in in full force. . . Diaper spraying had become an eye-watering, dry-heaving torture and. . . I couldn’t take it anymore. To make a long story short, I abandoned cloth diapering and started down the slippery slope of ease, comfort and extravagant waste. And I liked it. A lot. I call it The Fall.