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Maximize kitchen space, level up your toilet cleaner, perfect a matcha latte + more with these 10 game-changing household Amazon finds.
These hidden gems = game changers.
After a ton of searching, I've found 10 luxuries that won't break the bank but will elevate my daily life -- indulgent but accessible. Check out my Amazon Live to hear alllll about these finds (+ some demos!).
A little luxe goes a long way.
All the products in my minimalist kitchen have to earn their keep, & these 3 kitchen tools from Bed Bath & Beyond do just that, ft. an electric kettle, a wine preserver & a portable blender.
Surprisingly handy & worth the space.
Per usual, we do the shopping for you. The most exciting 2022 Memorial Day sale deals on clothing, shoes, beauty & home (think: Nordstrom, Dyson, Levi's & Saks). #addtocart
Our handy guide to the best deals this long holiday weekend.
I rounded up everything in my usual Amazon cart from gift ideas & travel items, to my go-to comfy bra, a seriously good alternative to Crocs...& even pet dental care...you're welcome.
Cloud balloons, the best candy EVER, and our go-to gift right now.
It makes the perfect white noise, too.