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It probably won’t surprise you to learn that I was not satisfied with my initial high chair purchase for my eldest son. Despite my best efforts, I, like many parents-to-be, did not make the best baby gear choices with Boy Wonder No. 1. . . While many people feel compelled to rationalize and justify their purchases, regardless of their dissatisfaction, I feel the need to rectify these situations. And with a blog like this, why not? Thank you, CraigsList, for making this possible. Here I compare three modern-style wooden high chairs, including the Svan, the Stokke Tripp Trapp and the Keekaroo Height Right High Chair.
There's just so much to love about food blogger Bea, of La Tartine Gourmand. She's a mom.  She's French.  She's traveled the world, writes for the Boston Globe Food section, and comes up with utterly amazing recipes like her Goeey Chocolate Cakes.I know what you are thinking.  Goeey chocolate cakes have been done before.  True.  But this recipe is...
My plight of unrequited green-ness is well documented here, but on this, the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, I want to celebrate what I think I am doing right for our planet and for the future of my kids.  Here are five changes that I've found to be really easy. 
I want to provide a fun, child-friendly atmosphere for my kids, but I loathe, loathe, loaaathe most children's furniture, design motifs and color schemes. For the most part, they're just so bizarrely saccharine that they seem intentionally designed to assault adult sensibilities.
IMG_0934I'm slowly transitioning away from plastic. Our plastic bags have been replaced by Envirosax Bags (to read all about my love for them, click here), plastic sippy cups never stood a chance against my Sigg bottles (despite the recall, I'm still a fan) and at long last, I've found a solution that makes those annoying little plastic baggies obsolete: Lunch Skins.
Can you imagine having a job where you don’t even get a chair to sit in? . . . And when you do get to sit on the peculiarly oversized furniture, you have to hoist yourself up, throw one leg up to your ear and claw and scratch your way into the seat. . . . Such is the plight of your average 2-6-year-old. No wonder they’re cranky by 5 o’clock.
I love the reinvigorated feeling the New Year brings— a sense of wistful relief that the holidays won’t be back for almost a whole year, and then, even in this darkest of winter months, a sudden burst of energy compelling me to be a better version of myself. I assure you, I have many loftier New Year’s resolutions than to organize my home, like apologizing without qualification to my husband (I’m sorry I’m totally nagging you, BUT. . .). However, I’ve already had a good deal of highly gratifying success with this resolution, and without much effort, I might add.
My long-smoldering crush on Jamie Oliver jumped to full flame a few weeks ago when I discovered his iPhone App, Jamie Oliver 20-Minute Meals. . . It is, hands-down, one of the best-ever for busy moms (or should I say mums?) on the run.
So, you’re having a baby. And you love hearts, teddy bears and pastels. Congratulations, you’re in luck! A lot of what’s out there in the kids’ design world is still pretty traditional. But even though the last time I did this whole nursery design thing only two years ago, I have been pleasantly surprised this time around by how many more options are out there for new ‘rents with less traditional taste. And, having the experience of spending a year-and-a-half using my boy’s former gear and furnishings (now donated to babe no. 2), I knew where to cut corners and where to put my coin according to my tastes.
I have spent months looking for the perfect kid's size table and chair set.  I want something modern looking, something that doesn't clash with the rest of the house, and something affordable.  The prices on most cool kid's table and chair sets have soared upwards of $300 or more.  Yikes.  But, there are some on the market that are...