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Do S'mores count as a meal?
When it's hot, I transform into a wannabe sun goddess & float around in Emerson Fry caftans with an Averna cocktail in hand. Irresistible summer must-haves.
We're already living our best Retired Old Lady life (and we're OK with that).
I've collected quick-&-easy summer dinner recipes to get me through these hot months. Kid-friendly meals + some vegan/vegetarian options!
This girl is on fireeee (so she doesn’t want to cook).
Whether abstaining from alcohol by choice or necessity, the holidays can be difficult for us non-drinkers. So we've got 10 fun mocktail recipes for a Holly Jolly Holiday.
Whether you abstain from alcohol by choice or necessity, the holidays can be difficult for us non-drinkers. Water is dull and I'm not a child, so I don't always want a soft drink (although I do love a Shirley Temple -- extra cherries). So I've rounded up 10 mocktails to put the Jolly in your Holly Jolly Holiday this...
Penzeys' pre-mixed chili seasoning! It's my foolproof "cheat" for the most delicious chili. Happily, this chili is delicious, fast & easy.
My chili is far superior to Shana's. And it’s not because mine is typically a meat-based chili and hers is vegan; mine can be made vegan, too! My recipe is just...well...better. She might admit this obvious fact if you ask when not too many people are around (ha, ha), although she did request I post my chili recipe after my...
One single pot that can do ALL the things: boil pasta (& drain it w/ the built-in strainer), slow cook chili, roast crispy chicken, steam idlis (Indian dumplings), + pan-fry & bake things too?
September rolls around every year, and I try desperately to get back to all the routines. Routines for getting ready for school, routines for after-school activities, routines for homework schedules, and routines for family meals at home. No more ice cream and boardwalk fries for dinner...PLEASE! Cooking those weeknight family meals, though, I could do without. I actually enjoy cooking for crowds…Thanksgiving...