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Try-Ons (Multiple Styles)

Here's the deal: MOTHER denim is annoyingly good, like "can't wear other jeans" good. Here are my top 5 pairs, from flare to bootcut (all on sale at Saks!).
MOTHER knows best.
ISO: the best full-length jeans for tall women. So, I'm trying all the styles (like straight, flare & '90s) from MOTHER, Gap, Abercrombie & more.
Pssst...there are 14 pairs of jeans in here.
I'm not afraid to try new jeans styles, so I wanted to find denim I don't usually go for (like wide-leg + bootcut) at Nordstrom to wear this winter.
Spoiler: I brought home another pair of my faves.
A little '90s nostalgia, inside.
The challenge: find the perfect flare & bootcut jeans for a curvy, midsize booty. I'm putting my fave brands (Levi's, Madewell, FRAME & more) to the test.
Challenge accepted.
The item of clothing I'm always chasing after? Jeans. The Perfect Denim can be hard to find, but Gap is acing it. From high-rise to wide-leg pants, I can't get enough.
We snuck a faux-leather '70s flare in here, too. Just for funsies.
Let's kick off French Girl Style 101 with THE main piece: jeans. We're learning how to get that effortlessly chic look with some nice denim, ft. Levi's, Madewell & Everlane.
It takes a lot of work to look this effortless.
MOTHER denim wins for the jeans I wear on the daily. The real test: whether I could own just 1 pair of MOTHER jeans or 4 pairs of another brand. Answer: MOTHER. Every time.
Yup, we're still talking about these jeans.