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Fun, Quirky Home Decor for Kids at Heart

Those of us with kids know that no matter how much you try to keep the kids' stuff contained, it eventually trickles back into every room of the house. And yes, a giant stuffed...

Kids’ Bookcase Organization – Before & After!

As you can see above, my toddler's book situation was a lil' bit out of control. We live in an old house that has small bedrooms, and hers is not only the smallest but...

A Whimsical Boy/Girl-Friendly Kids Room

  I was pretty excited to tackle this room. I love a good design challenge and with it being a room for both my daughter and son, I knew that I'd get the chance to get...

Festive, Cozy Flannel Sheets for Kids + Adults

The nights are dipping below freezing here so it's finally starting to feel like flannel sheet season! Usually I wouldn't advocate something that makes it that much harder to leave a warm bed...

Leesa Mattress for Kids Review + The Best Kids Bedding Sales

A few times a week last fall my preschooler, Annika, would wake us up at some ungodly hour complaining that her mattress was "pushing on my body!" (in the way only very dramatic 4-year olds can). When...