Sick of Pink? Cool, Little Girl Style For Your Tomboy

Mamas, don't get me wrong:  I luuuuv pink.  But it sometimes feels like kid's clothing designers (and retailers) are trying to shove pink...

The Best (and the Worst) Ugly Christmas Sweaters for the Family

Anyone have a party they need an ugly Christmas sweater for?  Me too.  And because I actually love ugly Christmas sweaters (whether or not...

Spring/Summer Picks for Kids

dress Looking for fresh kid style finds for your kiddos for Spring and Summer? I've got ya covered. And there are some insanely cute pieces,...

The Best Suits For Little Boys (They’re WASHABLE)

Over here, we suit up.  We suit up for holiday parties and Christmas Eve service, we suit up for weddings and kid's plays, we...

Fall Capsule Wardrobes for Toddlers & Kids

What's better than capsule wardrobes for toddlers?  Capsule wardrobes for kids as well!  GAP has some seriously adorable options for little ones that are well...

Chic, Original Clothing for Kids that is Simply Drool-Worthy and Affordable

Her line is a little big boho, a little bit rocker, but SO chic and clean. It's so good, in fact, that it's almost wasted on the kids! Almost. What I find so refreshing - besides the use of re-purposed fabric - is the fact that she manages to infuse a children's line with chic, never veering into the realm of cutesy, fussy or trying to hard. She just offers great design, great lines, and great fabric. It's a recipe so deceptively simple that you almost miss the genius behind it. And the fact that this line is also so ridiculously affordable (prices range from $6 - $44) is simply the icing on the cake.

The Cutest Summer Basics For Kids (Soft Shorts, Graphic Tees, and...

Kids' clothes just keep getting better.  And this latest crop - summa summa summatime - has taken a page from the rainbow bright trend,...

Kids’ Swimsuit Sales We’re Shopping Now!

Although I usually pick dark solid colors for my own swimsuits, I'm starting to rethink that plan in light of the coolest, brightest swimwear...

Best Rain Boots for Kids

Splashers rain boots are made in Canada (Yay! Not China!), have a moisture wicking inner lining, are completely puddle (or ocean) proof and sturdy as hell. With the exception of the camo print, their other designs are very, very cool.

Cool, Urban Winter Hats For Babies and Kids

We don't do cutesy in this family.  We don't do clothing with puppies, kitties, bunnies, or even happy little hammers with slogans...