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Straight-leg jeans: a hot topic. TME decided to put Levi's 501s to the test for a team try on. Regular, long, cropped, high waist, distressed...Our review's got it covered.
I've been really excited to hear the team's thoughts on Levi's iconic classic, the 501 straight-leg jeans. We're huge fans of Levi's in general--not only are their washes perfectly vintage inspired, but the company's overall commitment to sustainable practices is impressive. To top it off, the price point is great: most Levi's are under $100. Levi’s 501 Straight...
If skinny jeans are out, baggy jeans are decidedly IN! Relaxed, straight leg & loose-fitting, hello '90s vibe. Like sweatpants, but denim — yes! Here's how to style 'em.
We've been cropping our jeans for so long, you guys....SO LONG. I am, after years of mom jeans and cropped skinnies, a fearless, scissor-wielding maniac, and there's no hem I can't shorten in seconds. (Hello, ankles!! Welcome to the world!) But fashion is a fickle friend, so after years and years (and years) of cropping my denim, I'm...