On Life

The past week has been rife with life lessons for me. 1.) When you plan a romantic weekend away whilst breastfeeding, make darn sure your pump is working well and that you're working well with your pump. 2.) Having not heeded lesson one, when you get home on the brink of mastitis (romantic, I know) and your milk supply is demolished, power pump. 3.) When your toddler, who has a pernicious stomach virus, mentions poop even in passing right before a bath, save the suds for later.

Our Sexy Tips on Rookie Moms

Rookie Moms asked us to guest post on easy ways to make moms feel sexy...just in time for Valentine's Day!   When the topic of sex (or sexy) comes up, I always find it helpful to chat with my husband.  Not only does he always have an opinion on this topic, but it is usually something very simple and to the...
When my brother and I were growing up together, it was him and me, against the world. . . Together we felt bigger, stronger, more secure, and, best-of-all, we always had a friend though cross-town moves, new schools, every-other-weekend visits with our father and on family vacations. So. . . as a sister and newly-minted mom-of-two, I’m always looking for ways to reinforce the importance of the sibling relationship because I know what a life line it can be.
Honestly, I don't know WHAT had gotten into Glamour lately, but I love it.  LOVE it.  Pictured at right is Glamour magazine's November cover, featuring all plus size models.  And they look beautiful. Why all the focus on plus-size models?  Glamour ran an article this summer, featuring a beautiful women with a (gasp) poochy stomach.   She's Lizzie Miller,...
If I'm honest with myself, I didn't love being pregnant.  I wasn't sure if I had a maternal bone in my body, so pregnancy (and a baby) was something that had to grow on me (no pun intended).  I did end up embracing my pregnancy, but it took a while.  And by "a while" I mean approximately 8...
I had a good day today.  After Mike came home, he took the babe, and I went out to do errands for my summer trip home.  I ended up in Gap Body, looking at bikinis, which are currently on sale for a mere $5 - $12 a piece.  So of course I had to try some on.  I was...
Not only is breastfeeding close and tender and healthy and sweet, it is cheap, convenient and fab for your metabolism—not to mention a fun boost for the décolletage, too. They don’t call it a milkshake for nuthin’, girl. But I have a laundry list of things I wish I’d know when I’d started and found out too late.
The “Breast is Best” push has crossed the line from support to pressure and it now so permeates the breastfeeding dialogue that, upon implantation of your darling embryo, you will immediately find yourself being pressed by your OBGYN, your pediatrician, the media, your mother-in-law and the lady behind you in the checkout line to breastfeed.
“Have you tried peas?” people would say. “My son just LOVES apples.”. I think people can’t help themselves. I mean seriously - when I say the kid won’t eat ANYTHING, do they really think I haven’t tried peas or apples? Like I’m suddenly going to say, “OMG - PEAS!! I didn’t even THINK of PEAS!”
I successfully cloth diapered my son for his first 10 months, until solid foods (and my gag reflex) really kicked in in full force. . . Diaper spraying had become an eye-watering, dry-heaving torture and. . . I couldn’t take it anymore. To make a long story short, I abandoned cloth diapering and started down the slippery slope of ease, comfort and extravagant waste. And I liked it. A lot. I call it The Fall.