Weekend Ramblings

Vacation Withdrawal

Oh how looooong the week back from vacation can seem!  We had a dynamite trip to Dave’s home state of Michigan, and it’s hard to get back in the groove after having so much relaxation and entertainment wrapped up into 10 days—what with older cousins entertaining our kids non-stop, jumping off of boats into crystalline lakes, running down mind-blowingly...

TGI Summer!

I love summer for so many reasons.  Sunshine.  Pool time.  Free time (theoretically).  Crazy sales.  I say theoretically because we’re putting our house on the market and getting it ready with three babes ages four-and-under in tow has been. . . fun?  Interesting?  We couldn’t have done any of it without help from Mimi, so I must shout out a...

Weekend Fun?

I own this magnet:   In related news, by the time you read this, I will be camping.  Gack!  No....it should be fun.  I think that's the thing with camping...the "should be" part.  We're camping in Assateague Island, hoping to see some wild ponies.  (Seriously:  Wild. Ponies.)  We have headlamps and everything so we're big-time campers now.  HUGE.  I'll be posting...
Happy start of summer, Mamas!!  As most of you know....M and I get rather lazy over the summer.  Like...maybe we'll post, maybe we won't...kind of lazy.  But, you know, we will.  From time-to-time.  Or perhaps all in a bunch, if we're feeling inspired. No rules, Mamas.  No rules in the summertime. After all of my self-proclaimed expertise on flying alone with...

Wow! We WON…..

Gang, we couldn't be more thrilled - we won both the Editor's Choice and Reader's Choice awards for the Parents.com Best Fashion Blog!!!!!!!!  And we have you, dear readers to thank.  I know taking the time to vote (in any contest, really) can be annoying, and the fact that you took time out of your very busy lives to...
Exciting news, gang! Ain't No Mom Jeans has been nominated for Best Mom Fashion Blog on Parents.com Please take a sec to vote for us by clicking on this button! xoxo
Moms positively dominated the 2011 Bloggie Awards.  Do you know what this means!?  Mamas are going mainstream.  Social media has given moms a seat at the table.  We can work and juggle babies and drive minivans (or not) and also be a powerful, loud voice for change, and not just in the aisles of Target.
Um. WOW! We just found out Ain't No Mom Jeans made it into the top five for the the 2011 Weblog Awards in the Fashion or Beauty Weblog category and we're going head-to-head with big guns like The Sartorialist and Go Fug Yourself. We're flattered to say the least, completely blown away and over the moon. Thank you so much for you readership and support! Please, Mamas, take some time out of your busy days to vote for us again. We reallllllly want this.

Happy Holidays!

Dear Readers - We couldn't thank you enough for supporting Ain't No Mom Jeans this year.  We feel very blessed to be surrounded by so many cool, passionate moms!  We believe motherhood has been the most challenging yet inspiring job we've ever had, and our hope has been that this fun little blog will help moms feel their best,...