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I think we can all agree that public nursing is a bit tricky at times. For me, anyway, it usually involves some grappling and coaxing, and quite a bit of midriff baring. Or worse. Ugh. Needless to say, I’m all for anything that makes it easier. Thank you Seraphine!
Mamas, it's all about the children.  I sacrifice and I sacrifice and I sacrifice for the children.  Those precious, precious children. As proof-positive of said sacrifice and of my worth as a mother (do they not go hand-in-hand?), I give you this, my latest ridonkulous creation my masterpiece:   I've titled it:  "Smug Mummy's Easter Basket." Do you not see the calligraphied "R"?  The "R"...
I've been completely taken with silhouettes since I was five, when my grandmother took me to a doll show and had my silhouette cut. . . When I saw my likeness in black and white, it felt a bit like being Peter Pan separated from his shadow. It was oddly, magically compelling to behold, even then.
Mamas, this post is dedicated to my husband.  And by dedicated, I mean you-want-me-to-wear-sexier-pjs-then-get-out-your-wallet-this-will-cost-you-punk.   The other night as I was getting ready for bed, Mike informed me that he was sick of my 'ol favorite bedtime standbys.  Not his words, of course.  His words were actually something like, "Babe.  Those?  Again?"  And my words were something along the lines of...
If you are concerned that your husband is flailing in the gift department, or if you're struggling to find a gift for your mom or your best friend who just had a baby, this is a short and sweet gift list that focuses on experiences. Because at the end of the day, most of us have enough crap stuff, but...
DanCentury /Foter For years, growing up, I thought there was something wrong with Santa.  Don't get me wrong - he took good care of my sister and I. Frankly, we made out like bandits.  But when it came to my parents....Santa was just a bit off.   My Dad is an ex-hockey player, and like any good hockey player he's a...
This week, we teamed up with Naomi Gray to bring you a fab, customizable birthstone necklace. Entering to win is easy--just "like" this post on Facebook and leave a comment on the blog post!
There’s not a much prettier or more classic earring than a simple diamond stud in this humble mama’s opinion. But have you seen the price tag on those babies lately?! We’re talkin’ $1,000 - $1,500 retail for a nice pair of .5-carat studs with good color and clarity. Ugh. That’s a chunk out of most any mama’s budget. . . Enter Moissanite.
Well here’s something that works. Like, um, reaaaally well. Maybe even if you only try it once, just like your mama said . . . The Ov-Watch is a scary-accurate, no-nonsense, no-mess fertility prediction device that forecasts your fertile window a whopping 4 days in advance of ovulation—meaning, no more race to the bedroom, even if you or hubs is out of town or on the outs.
I did a double take followed by a triple check when, late last week, I found myself perusing--and drooling over--an L.L. Bean catalog I'd just received in the mail. . . Frankly, L.L. Bean sells great stuff: for guys and dogs and kids and moms who like pleated trousers and polo shirts. But I have never, not even once, considered purchasing something for myself (okay, maybe duck boots). Until now.