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As I rule, I refuse to enter any restaurant that serves Italian, Asian, American and Mexican fare.  It just never works out.  So when the gals at Rookie Moms asked me if I wanted to review the Dria Nursing Cover, a cover that could be used as a pregnancy poncho, nursing cover, car seat cover AND stroller sun-blocker...I was...
New baby.  Sick baby.  Sick Mom.  New Mom.  Blizzard.  Freezing temps. Crazy morning. No sleep last night.  Whatever the reason...there are days we never venture outside.  And in the winter, these days can start to pile-up.  Contending with cabin fever is bad enough, but too many days spent in pajamas and no-makeup?  Horror. In all seriousness, nothing plummets my...
Gang, I'm back!! Sort of. Sleep deprived, yes. Living in a, yeah...that too. But the happy mum of two adorable boys. And if that weren't enough (although it is, really)'s the holiday season! After nine long months or pregnancy, and after too many sleepless nights, I'm in the mood to be pampered. I'll bet many of you are too. So forward this on to your gentlemen or partners to help point them in the right direction, gift-wise.
The following is part of a series of posts by contributing author Lane about a few fabulous handmade alternatives to the usual mass-produced baby items.  Also see her articles on handmade alternatives for baby slings and carriers, shopping cart covers, and nursing covers.   Teethers I don't even have my baby in hand yet, but from what I'm told by...
For any mother-to-be who plans on nursing, or moms who breastfeed currently, modesty while breastfeeding in public can be an issue. While some women feel comfortable whipping it all out in any setting, and I do truly say more power to them seeing as it is pretty much the most natural act imaginable, others are a little more booby shy. And that's where a nursing cover comes in. After receiving a handmade nursing cover as a gift from a friend, I realized that while there are commercial versions like the Bebe au Lait Hooters Hider $35, from (is it me, or is that name kind of...lacking in taste?)...I personally think you'll find a broader selection of gorgeous covers on Etsy with the bonus of being handmade or even customized to your specifications. Behold just a few of my favorites.....
After my recent articles about slings and carriers and shopping car covers (a series about handmade alternatives to common baby products), we had several messages from readers who have experienced confusion or frustration when shopping on Etsy. I hate to hear that, because Etsy is one of my favorite places to shop, online or otherwise. Hopefully, a few tips can help make Etsy more user-friendly for moms who are seeking handmade or vintage goods!
It doesn't seem like fashion trends could get any mom-friendlier right now. What happened? Was it the celebrity baby boom of 2008/2009? I mean, rock hard abs are a distant memory, the hottest footwear out there right now are cork wedges and flat sandals and muffin top is actually in. But it's true ladies, the gettin' has gotten even better. Now we have fabulous, mom/baby-friendly neck gear to boot.
  It is so hard to believe how quickly time flies by.  It really does seem like just yesterday my little guy was born.  I'm constantly being surprised by all of the things he can do.  I'm surprised by the sight of his long little-boy legs running, jumping.  What happened to chubby baby thighs? I'm surprised by his newly developed...
Reader Question: So, my last birthday I was VERY pregnant and couldn't come up with gift ideas because I was having trouble imagining life post-baby. My husband gave me a $200 Nordstom card as my present. I used to have no problem spending money there. But now after baby and with not working, I can't for the life of me decide what to spend it on. I could use some new things for spring because last year I was pregnant. Any ideas? I am comfortable spending a little more than just the card if it is on something essential or fantastic. - Liz Answer: Happy birthday and congratulations on the new babe! Having had two in the past 25 months, I can totally relate to not knowing where to start spending on yourself post-babe(s)--there's a lot of ground to cover when you've sat-out several seasons in elasticized pants.
I love gorgeous lingerie. It makes me feel not only sexy, but spoiled. And I like me a little spoiled. Always have. In fact, right at this very moment, my closet contains a small arsenal of lacy, silky something-somethings...none of which fit anymore. ARGH!!! While I've happily weeded out all of my pre-baby clothes that no longer fit, I haven't been able to bring myself to weed out the lingerie. I keep hoping that one day we will be happily reunited. I'm still waiting. So there it is. It might be time to move on. Since shopping always makes me feel just a wee bit better about...well, anything really (sick, I know), I started looking for a new little silky something as a consolation prize of sorts. And there are all kinds of gorgeousness out there. I just don't want to wear (most of) them. While I'm sure my husband would love me in anything, quite frankly it's not about him. It's about me. I need something that makes me feel gorgeous. And playful. And flirty. Something that isn't too serious. Something that can get me out of the "Mom" frame of mind, but something also that makes me feel comfortable in my post-baby body. So yes - I'm looking for the Holy Grail of mom lingerie. Did I find it? Nah. But I found some gorgeous-playful-flirty lingerie that is certainly worth a try. Don't be afraid: there are no crotchless (or tasseled) anythings.