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This used to be an oxymoron, I know. But mom jewelry has come a long way from the multi-birthstone necklace or a cheesy "World's Greatest Mom" locket. There are many options for mom jewelry that are just plain cool. Here are my favorites:
Moms - do yourself and your man a favor.  Forward this link to him.Dads/Partners -- All year long, the mother of your children wipes noses, kisses knees, comforts crying, changes diapers, feeds, hugs and loves your children.  She also has sex with you.  This Christmas, thank her for all that she does by getting her a real gift.  A...
If you’re a mom, chances are that “the girls” have been through a lot lately.  Even if you didn’t breastfeed, you still had to deal with watching them rise to horrific proportions when pregnant, leaking milk, soreness, and slapping your husband’s hand away when they became engorged.  If you did (or currently are) breastfeeding, add bad latching, letdown, teething...