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Weekend 9.3

It's that 21st-century, age-old question: Is it COVID or not? Let's find out. That, plus our top Labor Day Sale 2022 picks. Join on in!
"Wait...let me fix my hair."
Comparing my geriatric pregnancy in my 30s with my youth, I look back with curiosity for how age shapes my prenatal experiences & connection to the world around me.
A reflection on the physical, mental, spiritual, and political differences in being a young mom versus a geriatric one.

Weekend 8.27

My kid did *that* teenager thing, plus the best GANNI boots (on sale!!), a not-so-kid-friendly game, ugly-cute shoes & perfume a la Paris 2003.
It's a teenager thing.

Weekend 8.20

A Turkish gulet cruise is the best vacation, plus the Cool Girl style I *will* be copying, throwback barrel jeans, & preparing for fall fashion.
It's the post-vacay blues.

Weekend 8.6

Traveling in London with woke teenagers? Plus the maxi dress I've worn most this vacation, the best sunscreen + my beloved low-rise cargo pants. Let's get into it.
Good grief. Teenagers.

Weekend 7.30

We're finally taking a vacation. Time to learn a new language + try out some new clothes perfect for travel, + what I'm buying during the final days of the NSale.
Wine and cake, what more do you need?

Weekend 7.23

You can take the boy out of the city, but...a brief observation of Vermont Niceties, plus a sweet cut-out swimsuit, cute summer tops & a note on perimenopause + balancing hormones. Grab a cuppa.
It's a city thing.

Weekend 7.16

Pics of the Universe spark awe, right? Hubble's successor, The James Webb telescope, certainly does. We're also eyeing sales at Nordstrom, Saks & Bloomie's, + more random fun.
You bet we're geeking out.

Why Have Kids?

I'm already here, on baby No. 4, having to make do with the consequences. What's the point in asking, "Why have kids?"
I never expected to have more children.