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Toddler Gift Guide – Christmas & Holiday 2009

What to get the toddler who has everything? Ideally something that inspires her budding sense of independence, captures the imagination, and challenges him to learn new skills, all while having fun. Here are our top-five picks for the season.

Slipper Roundup: Winter’s Hottest (and warmest) Slippers for Moms

Crackling fire: check. Hot cider and/or spiked eggnog: check. Good book to curl up with: check. Now, what’s keeping those tootsies cozy whilst you partake in all that wintery snow-day goodness? It’s time to update your slipper wardrobe, girl. You don’t want those little piggies getting caught out in the cold! Here are the seasons’ hottest slipper picks.

Eating: Jamie Oliver’s 20-Minute Meals iPhone App

My long-smoldering crush on Jamie Oliver jumped to full flame a few weeks ago when I discovered his iPhone App, Jamie Oliver 20-Minute Meals. . . It is, hands-down, one of the best-ever for busy moms (or should I say mums?) on the run.

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