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At a ladies night out recently, we lighted on the topic of accidental abandonment. People whose babies crawl out of the house and into the road to the amazement of stunned school bus drivers, who forget their children at gas stations, at daycare, at stores, or worse, in the car. Of the six women present, there was a split between those of us who could understand how these things may happen and those who just couldn’t. That is, until one pointed out that all of these circumstances seem to arise from the anecdotally well-documented affliction of mom brain--being too harried and too tired--plus, the kicker, deviating from routine. Somberly, heads nodding with the heaviness of being up past 10 PM, a bit too much Sangria, and with an eye to hedging our bets with fate, we all agreed it could certainly happen to anyone. I’m glad to say I was on the side of understanding from the get-go, because after today, I’d have to eat my hat.
Each summer, I begin a quest that ultimately leaves me frustrated and my lips dry: the quest for a lip gloss with SPF. Yes, you can find lipsticks with SPF, or chapstick types with SPF. But gloss? Good luck. However, this summer, spurred on by the EWG's latest sunscreen report (and the fact that I'm pregnant), I started my quest up again. This time, I think I've found a near-perfect combo...
My mother hates it when I use the word "pissed". But sometimes it's the only word for the job. And after reading through the EWG's 2010 report on sunscreen, I was pissed. According to the EWG's latest study, the vast majority of sunscreens on the market are at best ineffective, and at worst, harmful. In fact, the EWG only recommended 8% of the sunscreens they studied. And the worst of the bunch? Yup - sunscreens marketed for use on babies and children. For shame.
...but what struck me as new was the additional (self-imposed) "requirement" that girls now also be sexually sophisticated. Not just active, mind you, but sophisticated. Sophisticated in a way that really isn't achievable by anyone still in their teens. So what we've ended up with are high schools full of girls who look and act the part...but who still have no idea how to orgasm. The bottom line? These girls aren't enjoying it. Like porn stars, they are pretending.
I was pleased to find that as a Mother's Day special, Who What Wear Daily covered celeb moms in their versions of "mom style". While not all outfits are easily pulled off, they do provide a healthy dose of inspiration.
It doesn't seem like fashion trends could get any mom-friendlier right now. What happened? Was it the celebrity baby boom of 2008/2009? I mean, rock hard abs are a distant memory, the hottest footwear out there right now are cork wedges and flat sandals and muffin top is actually in. But it's true ladies, the gettin' has gotten even better. Now we have fabulous, mom/baby-friendly neck gear to boot.
There are few blogs that I read religiously.  The Happiest Mom is one of them. The Happiest Mom, aka Meagan, is the mom of five (and therefore qualifies as an expert).  I find her blog filled with some of the most well-written, thoughtful, and insightful articles I've read in years.  She manages to capture and convey the essence of...
  It is so hard to believe how quickly time flies by.  It really does seem like just yesterday my little guy was born.  I'm constantly being surprised by all of the things he can do.  I'm surprised by the sight of his long little-boy legs running, jumping.  What happened to chubby baby thighs? I'm surprised by his newly developed...
We’ve all been there before. You take extra time getting your make-up *just right* because you know pictures are going to be taken. You apply powder and lipstick and mascara . . . you look in the mirror and like what you see. Later, you see the pictures. You aren’t happy. Your face is much lighter than your chest, you have raccoon eyes, bronzer issues and your forehead is shiny. These are all the results of common makeup mistakes when you’re getting your picture taken. I’ve learned the hard way what to avoid when the cameras might be flashing. If you’re thinking about getting pictures taken this Mother’s Day, or if you just want some ideas on how to look better in pictures, read on!
With my sweet potato rounding out his 26th month of life on Earth and preschool starting in September, we're gearing up for the marathon that, apparently, is the feat of potty training a boy child.