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Dear reader: have you ever considered the rule of thirds with regard to your flat footwear? How about the sheen and texture of your shoes in relation to your tights? Have you recently scrutinized the curves of your feet and how your flats accentuate them, either elongating or shortening your leg, depending on their fit? No? Mmm hmm. . . I didn't think so. Neither have I, and I suppose that's why I've been largely unsuccessful at pairing flats with skirts and tights. I either a.) spit and curse my 5'4" (and 5/8ths!) height, then put on a pair of heels instead, or b.) spit and curse my 5'4" (and 5/8ths!) height, then opt for trousers.
Reader Question: So, my last birthday I was VERY pregnant and couldn't come up with gift ideas because I was having trouble imagining life post-baby. My husband gave me a $200 Nordstom card as my present. I used to have no problem spending money there. But now after baby and with not working, I can't for the life of me decide what to spend it on. I could use some new things for spring because last year I was pregnant. Any ideas? I am comfortable spending a little more than just the card if it is on something essential or fantastic. - Liz Answer: Happy birthday and congratulations on the new babe! Having had two in the past 25 months, I can totally relate to not knowing where to start spending on yourself post-babe(s)--there's a lot of ground to cover when you've sat-out several seasons in elasticized pants.
  Silly me.  I had assumed that only mums would be interested in trying to make Dansko clogs fashionable.  So imagine my surprise when the Style Bakery fielded this question from one of their readers: I'd like to know how to look fashionable wearing Dansko clogs. They are so comfortable... but I'm transitioning from high heels and want that chic...
My attempt at green parenting has been a precipitously slippery slope. I started out with cloth diapers, a natural rubber mattress, all organic clothing, homemade organic baby food and exclusively non-plastic toys. But what I've ended up with is 7th Generation disposables/part-time (like, when the mood strikes me) cloth diapering, a mix of pricey organic cotton and $2.97 Target specials (made, probably, by kids only slightly older than mine), frozen "all natural" chicken tenders & Whole Market taquitos, and more plastic toys than I can shake a stick at. So much for my lofty green ideals. . .
The past week has been rife with life lessons for me. 1.) When you plan a romantic weekend away whilst breastfeeding, make darn sure your pump is working well and that you're working well with your pump. 2.) Having not heeded lesson one, when you get home on the brink of mastitis (romantic, I know) and your milk supply is demolished, power pump. 3.) When your toddler, who has a pernicious stomach virus, mentions poop even in passing right before a bath, save the suds for later.

Our Sexy Tips on Rookie Moms

Rookie Moms asked us to guest post on easy ways to make moms feel sexy...just in time for Valentine's Day!   When the topic of sex (or sexy) comes up, I always find it helpful to chat with my husband.  Not only does he always have an opinion on this topic, but it is usually something very simple and to the...
When my brother and I were growing up together, it was him and me, against the world. . . Together we felt bigger, stronger, more secure, and, best-of-all, we always had a friend though cross-town moves, new schools, every-other-weekend visits with our father and on family vacations. So. . . as a sister and newly-minted mom-of-two, I’m always looking for ways to reinforce the importance of the sibling relationship because I know what a life line it can be.
I love gorgeous lingerie. It makes me feel not only sexy, but spoiled. And I like me a little spoiled. Always have. In fact, right at this very moment, my closet contains a small arsenal of lacy, silky something-somethings...none of which fit anymore. ARGH!!! While I've happily weeded out all of my pre-baby clothes that no longer fit, I haven't been able to bring myself to weed out the lingerie. I keep hoping that one day we will be happily reunited. I'm still waiting. So there it is. It might be time to move on. Since shopping always makes me feel just a wee bit better about...well, anything really (sick, I know), I started looking for a new little silky something as a consolation prize of sorts. And there are all kinds of gorgeousness out there. I just don't want to wear (most of) them. While I'm sure my husband would love me in anything, quite frankly it's not about him. It's about me. I need something that makes me feel gorgeous. And playful. And flirty. Something that isn't too serious. Something that can get me out of the "Mom" frame of mind, but something also that makes me feel comfortable in my post-baby body. So yes - I'm looking for the Holy Grail of mom lingerie. Did I find it? Nah. But I found some gorgeous-playful-flirty lingerie that is certainly worth a try. Don't be afraid: there are no crotchless (or tasseled) anythings.
Rookie Moms, one of our all-time favorite mom blogs, asked us to guest post with the general theme of "sexy" in time for Valentine's Day. First up: sexy jeans. Are your jeans sexy? Or are they screaming, "I'm a mom with a saggy, saggy bum!!" Apply the hand-grab rule and find out.
Ten minutes is a precious commodity in the life of a new parent. Think of all the things you can do in that very short period of time: shower (!), check your email, pay your bills online, empty the dishwasher, call your best friend, clear the drain of all that hair you're shedding, paint your toenails, savor a cup of coffee or tea . . . But where on EARTH will you find ten minutes for all of these gloriously luxuriant activities I speak of, you ask?