These 1-piece maternity swimsuits have fun details (like ruffles & cut outs) & bright colors, 'cause who doesn't need a bit of a mood boost while pregnant?
Dopamine maternity swimwear.
Our 2023 swimsuit guide JUST dropped! We're helping you find the perfect 1-piece bathing suit by color, size, shape, reviews & more. Postpartum? We got you too. Let's dive in!
Let's go for a dip.
Do Summersalt bathing suits measure up to my fave Boden swimwear? Spoiler: not really. 7 1-piece swimsuits (think: halter, plunge & underwire), inside.
Bold statement….but hear us out.
My go-to maternity bathing suit? A classic, all-black 1-piece swimsuit. I rounded up 10 of my faves to help you find the perfect swimwear to wear w/ a bump.
To one-piece...or not to one-piece? That is the question.
I put this Andie Swimwear 1-piece bathing suit to the test. Swim, run, play — it handles it all. It's subtly sexy, a li'l cheeky & surprisingly comfy (w/ no worrying about any...slippage).
Sexy, in that girl-next-door kind of way.
This wildly beautiful bunch of 1-piece bathing suits feature pretty prints & really cool silhouettes. Think: 12 little waterproof works of art — that you'd actually wear.
Like pieces of waterproof art.
I don't want to be that mom who waves off swimming w/ her kids b/c she doesn't want to don a swimsuit, but I also want to feel good in my postpartum body.
Real Talk: I struggled with how to start this post. Yeah, I can be pithy and self-deprecating, but that didn't feel right for a postpartum swimsuit post. I also didn't want to be like "OMG I put on a (name brand) swimsuit and suddenly I learned how to love the skin I'm in" because no garment is that life-altering,...