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I treated this as a dress rehearsal for next time, creating summer outfit formulas for sightseeing, a night out + the airplane flight. Of course, "summer outfit formulas" might be a bit of a stretch for London.
You just never know with London weather.
We agreed on...none of them.
When it's hot, I transform into a wannabe sun goddess & float around in Emerson Fry caftans with an Averna cocktail in hand. Irresistible summer must-haves.
We're already living our best Retired Old Lady life (and we're OK with that).
Camouflaging alllll the stains.
I've collected quick-&-easy summer dinner recipes to get me through these hot months. Kid-friendly meals + some vegan/vegetarian options!
This girl is on fireeee (so she doesn’t want to cook).
Whether it's a "TikTok made me buy it" dry shampoo or amazing summer skincare, these 10 Amazon finds have been so useful in my everyday life.
That fabric shaver is pretty dang tempting.

Weekly Sales Report 8.5

Are you seeing these sales?! Flowy midi dresses, walkable sandals & deisgner jeans (never enough denim) from Nordstrom, Gap & more that are perfect for the end of summer.
Let's do this thing.