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A fresh take on the SPANX faux-leather leggings I'm STILL wearing: an all-black outfit w/ an oversized blazer, a mini dress & knee-high boots (+ my YSL bag).
Spanx leggings, but make them 2022.
Introducing: The Mom Edit's downloadable style guides! Our editors are dishing their tried-&-true fashion tips + tricks, outfit ideas for all seasons, & shopping inspo.
Big stuff is happening over here.
My journey to be a French girl became a search for my personal style. Feminine but edgy, effortless but unexpected — being me is what gives me confidence.
Rest assured, there's still a happy ending inside.
There's gotta be more to it than flowy hair + red lips.
I love fall jeans, but this faux-leather midi skirt is the transitional piece I needed. Go sporty-edgy w/ cool sneakers, or dress it up as workwear w/ a nice blazer.
This skirt is badass. The end.
I love bright colors, but the winner of my closet is a neutral color palette. In this style lesson, I work a midi skirt into a great French girl outfit.
The latest French Class is in session.
Let's kick off French Girl Style 101 with THE main piece: jeans. We're learning how to get that effortlessly chic look with some nice denim, ft. Levi's, Madewell & Everlane.
It takes a lot of work to look this effortless.