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This outfit formula — featuring wide-leg jeans, a printed blouse & longline coat — is my go-to for a walk in Central Park + dinner with my sisters.
I want to be a part of it..New York, New York!
Move over, skinnies! These wide-leg jeans (think: Good American + Madewell) have completely won me over. Here's 3 ways they're starring in my winter outfits.
Move over, skinny jeans.
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Coming in at a whopping 5'4"...
Remember when Scotti and Laura reviewed rag & bone's faux jean joggers and gave them a big ol' thumbs down? While they both looked cute in those pants, there were some design flaws. As one example, the printed-on pocket details didn't line up with the actual pockets, and in the end, neither Scotti nor Laure kept them. (Actually, you...
I'm a pretty practical girl, Gang, so when winter comes, I need outfits that work with my usual winter boots: Sorels, Chunky Chelsea Boots (this pair specifically), Moon Boots and, uh, more Sorels. Think: warm and cute. Nothing is worse than cold feet or snowy ankles. And frankly, these are the same jeans I turn to in early spring,...