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True & Co put in the hard work, listened to women & created a truly comfy line of bras. Until then, I hadn't realized what good quality undergarments can actually do for your comfort & sanity.
The old bra drawer was looking a little sad, anyway.
Trying to figure out which pair to keep.
Confident, comfy sets for workouts AND lounging.
Seriously...can we talk about periods? More specifically, period underwear? At this point in my period underwear “research”, I’ve tried Thinx, Ruby Love, Cora, The Period Company & Uniqlo.
Do they work, how to wash them, and the best pairs for every, uh, flow.
Between these 4 performance apparel pieces & the other Vuori items I own, it’s fair to say that, at 2-ish months postpartum, I’m wearing something Vuori at some point in the day, every day.
A round of applause for Vuori, everybody.
A longtime fan of Athleta Cabo Linen Joggers, I snatched 'em up in Cactus Peach right away. The same fit I know & love, but in a bright, fun color that's perfect for summer.
The joggers we've been wearing for YEARS are available in a fun new color.
Athleta: that perfect balance b/n technical & fashionable activewear. We're still obsessed with their chic athleisure & cute workout clothes. Time for a refresh.
It's time for a workout wear refresh.