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Finding the right strapless bra (that's comfortable, stays up, that we can nurse in, for large busts)...is exhausting. So we tried 'em -- seamless, unlined & supportive. Check 'em out.
It is always such a pain to try to find a strapless bra that fits. And not only finding one that fits, but that's comfortable, that doesn't create weird lumps, that goes with low necklines, that doesn't need to be pulled up constantly...alllll the things. There are so many tops/camis/dresses that require (or at least look a whole...
The plus size pajama game is hot hot hot & we're in PJ heaven, y'all! So many amazing patterns for babes who wear plus-sizes — we're beyond excited.
The plus-size pajama game is hot hot hot right now, and I am in pajama heaven, y'all! So many amazing pajama patterns have been released for our babes who wear plus-sizes, and I am beyond excited about it. From Printfresh, to Karen Mabon, to Target, there are great PJs for everyone this season! I've tried several of these pajama...
After my last Negative Underwear try-on, I noticed this wireless bra was listed as the brand's #1 best-selling -- with rave reviews.
We’re about to be talking underwear here, specifically a bra, so I’m not going to hem and haw -- my ladies need some help. They’ve always needed some help, even pre-baby and nursing. After my last underwear try-on (which was a huge success), I noticed this bra was listed as the brand's #1 best-selling. I was over the moon...