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Is a hip and stylish digital watch an oxymoron?

While a backlit digital watch is not my favorite accessory (for those, click here), there are a lot of digital watches out there that can be worn beyond the darkened room of your babe. A good rule of thumb for wearing a digi is to embrace the inherent awkwardness and in fact enhance it by going with something chunky and larger-scale, thereby making it cool. Digis only look truly lame when you’re wearing a diminutive ladies’ version, which generally have no sense of irony. Check out these cute and styley options in order of price, lowest to highest.

Date Night & Dressin' Up
Holiday Styling Tips for Moms: Pulling it Together with Accessories

Over the last week we’ve been talking about putting together holiday looks with simple, easy-to-wear items you might already have in your closet. Now it’s time to pull it all together with your accessories. I’m suggesting some pretty budget-busting options, but with the vintage-feel and focus on detail that most of these items have, you can definitely find comparable if not better pieces if you get creative: raid your grandma’s jewelry box for early inheritance pieces, go thrifting and, if all else fails, hit your friendly Claire’s Boutique for disposable versions of these high end looks.

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