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Date Night & Dressin' Up

I expected that by now, a year later, we would be pros at this parenting thing. We would’ve had our babysitter booked and would be all set for a night on the town sans kid! Whoo hoo, baby! What an idiot. First of all, no one wants to babysit on NYE, and second of all, my son is still nursing, going through separation anxiety, and is just not baby-sittable. And….to be honest….a night on the town sounds fun, but it’s a little “been there, done that.” So this year we’re getting together with some friends, making fancy food, and drinking and eating our way into the New Year. It’s a bring-the-kiddos-and-stay-in kind of NYE. So now, my big dilemma….what do I wear? I need to be comfortable (and be able to nurse), but it’s NYE darn it!! I need to feel festive! There are two options I’m toying with……

Street Style
November 2008 Mom

Amanda, our November mom, understands the power of perfect proportions and flow.  While many recommend that if you wear something wide on the bottom (EX: wide…

Arm Warmers

I have a love-hate relationship with 3/4 length sleeves.   I love them because they are perfect for showing off an amazing cuff bracelet.  I hate them…


It’s a sweater!  No, it’s a jacket!  It’s a…swacket?  Ok, so I made up the term “swacket”.  Just now.  But the term is needed to describe…

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