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The Coolest, Most Comfortable Sneaker You’ve Never Heard Of (feel free to wear without socks)

I had resigned myself to wearing sneakers only on cooler days. I am insanely picky about footwear comfort, and most of my sneaks feel awful on bare feet. Socks are a must. So my cute sneaks get thrown to the back of the closet once temperatures rise. Much to the chagrin of my husband, who is always begging me to wear, “little skirts and sneakers”. Sigh.
But inspiration strikes in the most unlikely of places, and my recent inspiration came while chasing my little man around Gazelle Sports in Grand Rapids, MI. We were there on a quest of my husband’s: to find a pair of Vibrams FiveFingers (you know – the barefoot running shoe that looks like a weird foot-glove?) Anyway, as little man and I were blurring past the women’s shoes, BAM!!! I saw these:

How To Wear Denim Cut-Offs (without looking like a teenager)

…two years ago, denim shorts were just starting to gain momentum once again. They were initially accepted as casual-chic beach wear, but are now being seen as a valid clothing option in their own right. Denim shorts can now be found in restaurants. Out shopping. At the movies. All in a cute, fashion-forward way.
Is this trend for moms? I say YES.

Date Night & Dressin' Up
What To Wear To Look Hot at Your High School Reunion (without trying too hard)

Reader Question:
I’m attending my 25-year HS reunion in 2 months and am wondering what I should wear to the Dinner/Dance? I want to look hot without seeming like I’m trying too hard.
Ah…yes. The high school reunion. Where you want to look totally, wildly hot…but in an effortless way. Where you fend off compliments with a dismissive wave of your hand, “this old thing? I’ve had it for years.”
So what to wear? If you Google, “what to wear to your high school reunion”, most of the advice centers on the little black dress. LBDs are always appropriate for these types of events, and if you have one you love, go nuts. However, the LBD isn’t the most imaginative choice. I’m assuming that you are writing in because you are looking for something beyond the obvious.

Kid's Style
Go Buy Now: Patagonia Baby Down Sweaters

If this is your first winter with a toddler, you will undoubtedly scoff not only at the timing of this post, but at the cost of the item I am recommending that you purchase now, in the heat of July, or in the next 6-8 weeks, before they sell out. The Patagonia Baby Down Sweater ($80) is hands-down the single best winter jacket for kids. Period. It is warm, well-made, light, durable, uber-washable, and. . . drum roll, please. . . your child will actually wear it. Without protest.

Live Near a Madewell Store? A Crazy-Good Sale, Going On Now!

Hey Gang — Reader Amy just posted this comment:
Public Service Announcement! If you live near a Madewell store, they’re having a WICKED summer sale right now. I just walked out with 2 of those awesome slouchy tees, a gorgeous boho scarf, a pair of slouchy skinny jeans, and a bracelet for under $45!!! Yes, you read that number right. Get thee to the store!
Thanks, Amy!!!
Don’t know Madewell? Check out our Madewell love-fest here.

What To Wear Under Racerback Tops and Dresses

I love these racer back tank tops (pictured at left from, but I never know what to wear under them. I usually do a strapless bra, but I feel like I need something else because the arm holes are usually really big and reveal most of the bra, not to mention someone could sneak a peak at my back/belly flab 🙂
Should I layer another tank underneath? If so, does that have to be racer back as well, but tighter? Do I try to find a tube top or something? Help!

15 Totally Hot, One-Piece Swimsuits For Moms

It’s taken me over two years as a mom to be able to say this…but I now think that one-piece swimsuits deserve a little love. The current crop of one-piece swimsuits are not only practical and flattering, they are downright hot. Hot in a wildly sexy way. And let’s face it, for postpartum moms facing a looong summer, do they really have any other valid options? The postpartum jelly-belly is pretty frightening. And even if you’ve managed to tone down the jelly-belly, many of us just don’t look like we used to. So if the thought of lounging pool-side in a bikini (while your flab hangs out with its best friend, Gravity) makes you want to run screaming….fear not.

Reading: The Best Swimsuit Guide For Real Body Types on

M and I have often thought that a killer Ain’t No Mom Jeans article would be a before-and-after series using real moms and swimwear. You know – get real moms to volunteer, then help them find a more flattering bathing suit.
Any volunteers?
See, that seems to be the problem. Not many of us (myself and M included) have any burning desire to be photographed in our swimwear, then uploaded to the web. Not even for “educational” purposes. (NOTE: If you are that brave and live in Denver, shoot us an email. We’d love to help.)
Thankfully, Glamour magazine has found folks much braver than most.

How To Wear Swim Skirts

Us Moms, we love ourselves some swim skirts. I say this, because every time I’m at the pool, the moms in swim skirts are out in force. And I get the appeal. After baby, there’s just a bit more cellulite, a bit of softening, a bit of droop. Yes. But swim skirts are tricky – they are hardly the panacea of mom-friendly swimwear.

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