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As a twice pregnant person, I was usually in the sad situation we all know sooooo well during wedding and holiday season where I was despondently searching for a special occasion dress that didn't look like a tent or a trash bag.
44681-p-DETAILEDYup, you read that right: Danskos. As in the much-hated (at least previously, by me), much debated (here and again here - and don't miss the reader comments), mom-shoe. And what brought about my change of heart? Two things: first of all, Danskos came out with a version that looks like an actual clog, styled enough to make - dare I say it? - my heart beat fast (I'm such a sucker for a camel shoe)...and the recent trends that give a nod to '70's fashion at its best.
This article is the first in a two-part series based on "rules" I've applied again and again when doing style consultations / closet clean-outs with moms.... ...while trends, in recent years have been all over the map....there's a few constants that have started to emerge. And as I've been doing a few more "closet clean-outs" with friends and other moms...I'm finding that these constants are passing many of us by, unnoticed. The problem? Ignoring trends year after year after year is exactly how you wake up one morning, 20 years later, with a permed mullet and legwarmers wondering why everyone else looks so different.
We’re always talking about it here at Ain’t No Mom Jeans: cost-per-wear (CPW), or the cost of an item of clothing over its first year of use. "Splurge" is our new section dedicated to styling must-have items to get the most out of your investment. First-up, this years’s hot ticket: J Brand Houlihan skinny cargos.
One of my friends was complaining the other day about how no one really tells you all of the crazy stuff that happens while pregnant. She was rather indignant, having just come from a third trimester pregnancy check-up where she had just been checked for strep...in an area...ahem....not normally checked for what I always think of as strep throat. "You can get strep down there?????" she wanted to know. "Since when??? And WHY does NO ONE tell you these things BEFORE you get pregnant?" So in the spirit of full disclosure, I'd like to chat a bit about Aerie's (American Eagle's line of underthings) fabulous boy-brief. This brief is cute, comfy, comes in a tons of different patterns, and sells 5 for $25. But the real reason I draw your attention? For post-partum use.
By the time I got to my third trimester, the realization was just sinking in: I was pregnant. And the baby? He's growing. There were no more strange looks, no mistaking my belly for extra muffins or a tumor...whether I was ready or not, the baby was coming in three (or, in my case with babe #1, two) short months. Yikes. And this time around? I think I had belly amnesia. Cause I'm surprisingly HUGE. But looking back (pic of me on NYE with babe #1)...I think that this is simply how I look during the third trimester: a little girl with a huge, huge belly. (Which is what I would've said yesterday, given the chance, to the man who yelled out of the car, "Lady, that baby is gonna FALL right out!") So what do you do when styling a bump of epic proportions?
I know all you 'been there, done that' moms are laughing at this question, but I have to tell you that the answer was only silence and blank stares when, while watching me shop online for the perfect bag, my husband asked me this question. He asked because I was begging for his opinion on bag after bag with many different features and options, and he was probably trying to be practical and helpful by looking for details. But my lack of an answer made me realize that aside from the diapers listed in the title of the bag, I have no idea what the hell goes in a diaper bag.
Ummmm...what the heck, Target?  Who knew that lurking among the racks would be such cool tees?  For so cheap? While these picks all came from the boy's section (I checked the girls' section also...waaaay too many licensed characters and "princess" themed stuff for my taste), I would dress a little girl in any of these tees in a heartbeat. ...
I think most of us, now moms, would accurately identify myself in the picture at left as pregnant. But a week or so after this pic was taken, I took a ballet class in London. During plies, the instructor came over and tried to correct my form, attempting to tilt my tailbone down further. He'd watch me through narrowed eyes, "Hmmmmm...." By the time we got to rond de jambes, he couldn't take it anymore: "You need to start laying off the muffins in the morning!" he said in a loud whisper.
...what I've learned from my own two pregnancies, as well what I've learned while styling pregnant moms for the Hopscotch Hustle (Weecycle's annual fashion show) can pretty much be summarized into the following three rules: Trimester One - Hide the Bump Trimester Two - Work the Bump Trimester Three - Flaunt the Bump In this article, let's talk about the first trimester. It can be a toughie.