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NYC is a tough one as a tourist. You want to look edgy and up-to-date, but New Yorkers walk, on average, two miles a day, and tourists probably walk more. So, to get the absolute most out of the city, footwear choices have to be spot-on.
Longtime readers of this blog will know I'm a huge, HUGE fan of Chinny Chin Chin (aka Esther Croak).  I drooled over her 2009 line, we featured her adorable outfit as a mom uniform idea, and now...her newest Spring line debuted last week at the Hopscotch Hustle. For those of you not familiar with Chinny Chin Chin, she...
I love flip-flops.  If the weather in Denver would fully cooperate, I would wear them year-round.  The flip-flop, is, in my opinion, the perfect shoe.  And the absolute perfect shoe for moms.  It's comfortable,walkable, playground and pool friendly, it's easy to slip on and off, and when chosen correctly, it looks just as good with a pair of workout...
Hello, I found your blog via Shana's sister, Scotti, and I must say I love it! We recently just had a baby boy and are having a baptism in May. I would like to wear something classic, understated and still look amazing after getting my body back. Could you possibly do a piece on what to wear for your baby's baptism? I'm considering all options but am steering more towards a sheath dress, pencil skirt, or the like. My one requirement is that it must be below the knee, even just slightly. Thanks!
It’s a sad fact.  From the moment the cord is cut, your child is on a steady march toward independence, and it’s your job (gulp) to help him get there.  As a new mom, I was shocked by how quickly it all started.  I got a little weepy the first time I put away outgrown clothes, packed up disused...
We're seeing mixed prints everywhere this Spring: Fashion mags, blogs, runways - you name it, it's there. But it's a tricky, tricky trend. While a haphazard approach to just throwing on mixed prints can work, this type of look is usually pulled together by a killer pair of heels and a statement bag. So the overall look screams "I'm purposely not matching in an ironic way!!" instead of "I got dressed in the dark!"
I was impressed with Melissa's outfit (pictured at left) for several reasons.  Beginning with the fact that it takes a fairly brave women to wear dangley earrings and a silky top with a kiddo as young as her son.  Or a very experienced mom.  Melissa also has an older son, so I actually think she's both.  Melissa is wearing a...
The Liberty of London for Target Collection helped woo me back in, but it wasn't the only source of temptation under those fluorescent lights. A perfect romper (M's post has completely addicted me to rompers for moms), look-alike Hunter Rainboots, and a perfect tiny cross-body bag -- all under $20!!! -- sold me.
I am going on a trip to Disney World in late May (God help me) with my husband's family. Our 2.5 year old will be along for the trip, and I will be about six months pregnant. I am trying to find comfortable, breathable shoes to wear for this trip, that are also cute and stylish. My feet are wide to begin with, so pregnancy swelling+Disney crowds+heat and humidity will probably turn them into Fred Flintstone feet. I'd appreciate any suggestions you can come up with. I'm feeling desperate.
On the fairly rare occasions I've wandered into Ann Taylor Loft (usually suckered in by a big sale), I've often left feeling underwhelmed. The clothes were never horrible...just "eh". Once in a while I'll pick up a necklace or something...but overall, I saw Ann Taylor Loft as a place to be bored. Nice basics, nothing exciting, nice prices, nice sales, but nothing worth a trip. Yawn. So I was very confused, the other day, when I happened to glance over at the Ann Taylor Loft window displays. For a moment I thought I was looking in J. Crew's windows. But no - it was good 'ol ATL. But this time...the clothes were cuter, somehow. A bit...dare I say it? Trendy?