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We have two goals here: Make the girls look good, and support 'em. So. You want to find a maxi dress that will allow you to wear a nice supportive bra underneath, AND one with a deep v-neck. A V-neck cut is more slimming for those "extra lucky" in the boob department. The deep V-neck will also show enough skin to keep the whole look slimming and sexy
Don't be afraid of the maxi dress - I actually think there is a maxi dress out there for all body types. It helps to hide flaws, adds a certain elegance to all who wear it, is easy and comfy. It may not be an optimal choice for kickball day at the playground, but I've worn mine running errands with the babe, going to the zoo, museums, etc. To make this look work for moms, here are a few guidelines:
Sorta kid proof sunglasses, and by that I mean they are likely (no promises) to stay in one piece while your little one tries them on, eats them, throws them on the floor, etc! First, always a favorite of mine, Oakley "Active" Sunglasses. I have seriously been an Oakley junkie for almost 2 decades!
The first annual Hopscotch Hustle, a hip mom and baby fashion show for the benefit of WeeCycle, was a huge success! Most importantly it raised money and awareness to help Colorado's in-need families, and...now for the fun part, the fashions were spot-on. We pulled styles from some of Denver's coolest boutiques with the challenge of creating hip outfits that are comfortable, flattering and easy enough to appeal to moms. A challenge that was met in full force. Here are my favorites from the show:
All Moms want/need/must have time off, time to themselves. So on Mother's Day, treat her with a day all to herself. Here's how it works: Choose the day (it doesn't need to actually be on Mother's Day). Wrap up a Mother's Day gift of cozy-but-fabulous spring loungewear. (NOTE: This is NOT lingerie - the goal is comfy and cool not sex-pot. You want her to feel beautiful and relaxed, not guilty because the last thing she wants to do is throw on that bustier). Throw in a great book or trashy magazine. Then, when the day arrives, make sure the house is picked up, and take the kids OUT OF THE HOUSE. Otherwise, despite your very best efforts they will still find their way over to mom. When you return...voila! A happy, relaxed mom. And we all know that happy mom = happy family. Here are my favorite comfy-cool Spring loungewear picks:
This used to be an oxymoron, I know. But mom jewelry has come a long way from the multi-birthstone necklace or a cheesy "World's Greatest Mom" locket. There are many options for mom jewelry that are just plain cool. Here are my favorites:
I love this outfit because it's an easy way to take the t-shirt and jeans uniform in a new direction. Use a colored cord (or jean), pair it with a neutral tee, colorful jacket, and a fun slouchy bag. Don't be afraid of color - mixing up basic separates with great color is what makes this look so interesting. Notice that if you changed all of Krista's clothing to a neutral color (normal jeans, black jacket) the overall funkiness of the outfit and the easy cool gets lost.
I was suspicious of panels in general, and therefore stuck to under-the-belly styles as a rule, but the full panel was downright mind boggling. Who would wear those things? Who would want a piece of fabric stretching from basically your crotch to under your boobs? How is that comfortable? And, god forbid, what if you raised your arms and people actually saw the panel? Horror, I know.
Until....4 weeks after the little man was born, I found myself despairing because I had copious amounts of spit-up on my only good pair of sweat pants. The old me would have objected at the clear oxymoron: "good pair of sweatpants." But screw old me. I was sleep deprived, all other clothing rubbed painfully against my c-section scar, and at this point, walking outside was a lofty goal, with a daily shower a pipe dream. So I decided to embrace the workout-gear-as-outfit philosophy. It's comfortable, it's practical (getting out of the house is cause for celebration so one might as well go somewhere, even if it's Target), and with the vast array of cute workout clothes on the market, why not? Over a year later, I still find myself in workout gear well into the afternoon hours. I hope my husband finds uniboobs somewhat sexy. Here are my current pics for cute workout gear:
I have noticed that in the last couple of years high heel trends have shifted a bit. The bootie - which was just getting big when I was pregnant two years ago - is still here, and is influencing the stiletto. Stilettos are now serious, dominatrix looking things, straps and studs and craziness everywhere, and the resulting look is a little stronger - more sexy, less sweet. I predict that this shoe trend will continue well into fall....and this trend makes my tasteful (yet still sky high) strappy sandals look almost dowdy by comparison. Time for a seriously sexy shoe to sex up my old existing going-out outfits.