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For any mother-to-be who plans on nursing, or moms who breastfeed currently, modesty while breastfeeding in public can be an issue. While some women feel comfortable whipping it all out in any setting, and I do truly say more power to them seeing as it is pretty much the most natural act imaginable, others are a little more booby shy. And that's where a nursing cover comes in. After receiving a handmade nursing cover as a gift from a friend, I realized that while there are commercial versions like the Bebe au Lait Hooters Hider $35, from diapers.com (is it me, or is that name kind of...lacking in taste?)...I personally think you'll find a broader selection of gorgeous covers on Etsy with the bonus of being handmade or even customized to your specifications. Behold just a few of my favorites.....
Um...yes. I am obsessed with this pairing of cozy wrap sweaters and little dresses, ever since coming across the pic at left while working on our last Mom Street Style article featuring the adorable Alexis. Hmmm...let's see...short mini dress, bare legs, red lipstick...but wait! Short furry boots! Ahhh...totally mom-friendly, right?? Yeah, yeah. We can do better. With the concept of cozy wrap-sweaters and dresses in mind...there are two ways I'd translate this look into something more mom-friendly: 1. A subtly sexy date-night look that can be used for either a fairly casual date night or a serious night on the town 2. An everyday look that converts those slightly boring cotton dresses (you know - the ones we ALL buy at Old Navy or Target for like $10) into something Fall-worthy and stylish. Ready??
PA135133 I ran into Alexis (pictured at right) at a mom's group outing to Luke's Family Farm - an adorable private farm that opens up to groups and parties from time-to-time. "I love your sweater!!" I yelled out, as she caught her little man barreling down the slide. "Oh good" she said. "I had hoped it was considered an interesting sweater"...and threw me a wink. Awwww...a reader.
Shopbop Since posting Part 3 of our Style Rules for Moms, where we discussed the importance of tall boots, we've been fielding both emails and comments from readers wondering which color of leggings/tights/etc to pair with the new pair of tall boots they just bought. It's a good question.
If any of you have been paying attention to the major trends of Fall 2010, you can't miss the fact that 3/4 length skirts were all over the Fall runways. While I love their ladylike look and retro sensibility, I had originally dismissed this trend as being both impractical for moms and hard to wear...and then I met (at the playground no less!) Ramune.
This article is the third in a multi-part series based on "rules" I've applied again and again when doing style consultations / closet clean-outs with moms....if you are just joining us now, check out our New Style Rules For Moms, Part 1 and Part 2. Lest we take ourselves and our "rules" too seriously here at Ain't No Mom Jeans...please direct your attention to the picture at left. This picture is of my little sister Scotti (aka the makeup maven who wrote 5 Easy Tips To Look Your Best in Photos)...who is showing how well interesting sweaters, skinny jeans (and now tall, flat boots) can make you look amazing whether you are going out for lunch, to the playground, or, in her case, catching the Hogwarts Express.
For those of you who have been craving M's J.Brand Houlihans (pictured at left) as much as I have...let me warn warn you: the following Skinny Cargo picks will be nowhere near as fabulous. There's a reason those Houlihans cost so much: super-crazy-bum-flattering fit, and premium fabrics that will last (through many, many washings). M makes a good case for going for the real thing in her article, Splurge: A CPW Analysis of J.Brand Houlihans (as well as some killer pics for ways-to-wear 'em). However, if you are still a bit undecided about the skinny cargo trend itself...or are still nervous about your ability to pull off skinny in general (or really, just short on cash these days)...starting with a low-cost route might be a good idea.
One thing made abundantly clear by our readers last week, is that weaning ourselves away from bootcut jeans is a scary, scary prospect. (See our second style rules article for all of the great comments). So I wanted to highlight some momiform style inspiration that focuses on straight-leg jeans (although skinnies would work just as well).
I've been eyeing up a new momdrobe necessity, something along the lines of a more interesting sweater: the sweater vest. While the term sweater vest conjures up images of school-boys in argyle, the modern sweater vest is a cool and cozy way to add a bit of warmth (and style) to summer's basics as we ease into Fall. And once Winter hits in full force, vests can easily be layered for maximum warmth. So here's how I'd wear it now...and later:
  This article is the second in a multi-part series based on "rules" I've applied again and again when doing style consultations / closet clean-outs with moms....   Gang, I loved reading all of the comments on our first Style "Rules" for Moms article last week.  If you missed it, be sure to check out both the article and the...