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Father’s Day Gift Picks

This article needs to come with a warning:  I suck at this.   Mike and I have married now for…uh…almost 14 years?  Whoa.  And over the…

Gift Ideas For Men (From a Man’s Perspective) Part 1

Let’s begin this year with my number one rule when buying for men. We are simple creatures, we are not complicated, trying to buy us elaborate or complicated gifts rarely works. Trying to buy us clothing that is out of our personality range rarely works. Most of us enjoy tradition, simplicity, experience, and quality. A grandfather or father probably passed those values down to us so it’s usually somewhere inside, even if it’s buried beneath a love for video games or other materialistic bologna. This list is built around that concept. I didn’t include very many electronics or high tech gadgets because those are too easy. Everybody wants an iPad, PS3, LCD TV, GPS, blah, blah, blah.

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